Jib crane in aluminum 125 kg

Jib crane in aluminum 125 kg

General Data

Maximum capacity : 125 kg/ 276 lbs

Length: 2-6 meters/ 6′ 6″- 19′ 8″

Rotation: 180 degrees

Weight : 77-133 kg (depending on the length) 170-293 lbs

Sold separately: Pillar, Bal-Trol and lifting tool

Jib Crane 125 kg in aluminum is our agile jib crane for loads up to 125 kg. The crane has a soft and easy 180-degree rotation, which makes it easy to move loads within a larger radius. This crane enables lifting work to be carried out in an extended area of the workplace. The jib crane has a diagonal pivot for extended stability and optimized power. The crane carries the weight off the load, saving the operators from wear-and-tear injuries.

Jib cranes can be supplied with lifting tools

A jib crane can be sold seperately and used as it is, with a telpher, or with one of our customized lifting tools. If you choose to couple the crane with a lifting tool and a Bal-Trol (compressed air cylinder), this trio will make up a complete lifting system, which can then be utilized for lifting material in workshops, packing products, or just moving objects from table to pallet.

Installation alternatives

The jib crane is quick to install because of its preassembled components. It can be installed into either a pillar or directly onto the wall. If a pillar is preferred, we recommend a standard pillar of 3.5- , 4- or 4,5 meters. The jib crane is a flexible and space-saving solution that also promotes safety and ergonomics in the workplace.