Tire gripper

Tire Gripper for industrial and automobile tires

Our Tire Grippers are ergonomically-designed lifting tools made to alleviate the heavy lifting and carrying about of tires in a workshop. The grippers are pneumatically-driven, which makes them safe and easy to maintain. The Tire Grippers can be customised to fit tires and wheels of any size. Tires can be tilted, rotated and moved with no physical exertion from the operator.

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Wheel gripper 75 kg

Our wheel gripper lifts the wheel while you mount it Lifts All’s wheel gripper is a safe and ...

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Effective and easy tire gripper

Our tire gripper makes lifting tires an easy job for both workshops and tire change services. Instead of having to lift the tires manually and having multiple persons doing the job you only need one person for lifting. Manual handling of tires is both uncomfortable and can injure neck, back and shoulders, especially if you do it several times a day. A tire gripper is ergonomically designed for you to avoid work related injuries. With an ergonomic lift your work force will stay healthy and work will be more efficient.