Battery industry

Battery industry

Lifting tools in the battery industry

Do you work in the battery industry or lift batteries? We manufacture vacuum and mechanical grippers for batteries of various kinds. Regardless of whether you lift car or bus batteries, we have a lifting solution for you. Our goal is to create good and ergonomic work environments for all those who work with lifting large or small loads. We custom design the battery gripper for the exact type of battery you want to lift. If you work in the battery industry and use a gripper from Lifts All, you won’t  strain your body in ways that lead to wear and tear, or even sick leave. With a battery gripper, work will be both more time efficient and ergonomic. Read more about our grippers for batteries here.

Smart lifting solutions in the battery industry

Our lifting tools for batteries are light and flexible, made for everyone to use, and to lift the weight you want. With the right lifting tool for the industry you work in, you increase the efficiency of your business. The battery gripper makes it possible for anyone you’re your production line to handle the batteries, thus significantly increasing productivity and flexibility in your work environment. Maximum load, rotation, tilt and how you lift – we adapt the gripper to your needs and wishes. We have produced many grippers for the battery industry over the years to lift, e.g., bus batteries, car batteries and battery cells. We also offer complete lifting solutions with overhead rails and foldable FlexiCranes, depending on your work environment.

Efficient lifting of batteries and battery cells

Lifting batteries and cells is common work in more than just the battery industry, for example the automotive industry. A car battery weighs about 15 kg. Although a car battery weighs relatively little, lifting one is an ordeal for the body. Lifting car batteries manually, several times a day, can damage the back, neck and shoulders. With a gripper for car batteries, operators can work efficiently all day, without causing damage to their bodies.