Articulated jib cranes

Agile articulated jib cranes for loads up to 100 kg

It’s been proven that Lifts All’s articulated jib cranes outclass other cranes in user-friendliness. Our articulated jib cranes are light and flexible, and soon become essential tools to the user. We offer an array of light-weight cranes to suit most needs – depending on the desired lifting capacity and the working space available. Should any of our light-weight cranes not suit your work place, we can customise one just for you. Along with these, we also produce the appropriate pillars for mounting your crane on the floor, the ceiling or a wall – the choice is yours.

Customized articulating jib cranes

Lifts All´s lifting tools can always be modified, depending on the loads you need to lift and how you need to lift them. We can also customize the crane and pillar according to your normal coverage space. The crane arm comes in different lengths, ranging between 2-4 meters, depending on the design of the workplace. The pillar is also available in different heights, as well as in a telescopic version and a cleanroom version in blasted steel. Customization ensures that there is always enough space for the FlexiCrane.

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Crane mountings

The FlexiCrane comes with different mountings depending on the layout of your facilities and the loads that needs lifting:

  • Pillar mounted or floor mounted articulating jib crane

The pillar or floor mounted articulating jib is completely freestanding. It is ideal for extended reach within the workplace and it requires no specific ceiling bearing. The crane´s coverage area is maximized because of its freestanding pillar. It can rotate infinitely 360 degrees without obstructions (eg. walls), which allows you to work in a large area around the articulating jib crane. The crane’s easy rotation makes it both agile and smooth to work with.

  • FlexiCrane Mobile: mobile platform

The FlexiCrane Mobile is a crane mounted on a freestanding pillar on a mobile platform. It is the perfect choice when you need a lifting tool in several parts of the workplace. Use a simple pallet jack to move the FlexiCrane articulating jib around the facilities. The crane can be used for eg. positioning loads, packing and dispatching. Choosing a mobile platform for your FlexiCrane enables you to use the same crane at different working stations, which saves both money and space.

One of our most popular combinations is our mobile FlexiCrane together with the Basic, a lifting tool with a wide range of detachable mechanical and vacuum lifting applications. The different fixings manage different materials as well as different weights, ranging from lighter capacity applications to heavier capacity applications.

  • Wall mounted articulating jib crane

The wall mounted articulating jib frees up floor space. It can also be mounted on to the facility’s building columns. A wall mounted articulated jib takes up no floor space. It is especially suitable for workplaces where the ceiling for one reason or another is inaccessible or without enough bearing.

  • Ceiling mounted articulating jib crane

The ceiling mounted articulating jib frees up both floor and wall space. Because it is installed in the ceiling it has no obstructions, therefore it has a capacity to rotate 360 degrees, allowing optimal reach around the crane.

What is the difference between a jib and a crane?

A jib is a part of the crane´s articulating arm. It is an extension of the boom, which is a horizontal beam that keeps the load at a distance from the crane pillar. A crane, on the other hand, is a larger construction that often has both a boom and a jib, amongst other crane parts.

To use a jib crane means to optimize the reach of the crane arm, while also minimizing the weight of the load. Lifts All´s FlexiCrane is a compact articulated jib crane that is suitable for positioning loads up to 100 kilograms. Like traverse systems, it is a suspension system for lifting tools. Contrary to moving goods manually, FlexiCrane articulating jib crane alleviates the operator from the weight of the load while also giving freedom of movement around the workplace.

What is an articulated jib?

An articulated jib is a jointed piece of the crane arm, which allows for an extended reach around and under the crane arm. The FlexiCrane articulating jib crane is a piece of material handling equipment.  The articulating arm has infinite rotation, meaning that you can use it 360 degrees around the crane pillar, again and again. It also comes in a version with two rotating arms that that can revolve up to 360 degrees at each pivot point, at both the first and the secondary arm. The primary arm is where you would typically attach one of Lifts All´s lifting tools. Its’ reach and instant responsiveness make the FlexiCrane articulating jib crane easy for anyone to work with, no matter what their physical strength is.

What is a jib crane used for?

The function of a jib crane is lifting and positioning loads vertically and/or horizontally. Lifts All´s articulating jib cranes are customized for lifting loads up to 100 kilograms. Therefore, they are more compact and lightweight than traditional jib cranes. Normal jib cranes may require heavy maneuvering. The FlexiCrane provides easy rotation and consistent responsiveness, making it easier to move and lift goods around the workplace. The normal coverage area depends on the length of the crane arm which normally ranges between 2-4 meters.

Lifts All´s articulating jib cranes can be connected to different lifting tools or even a hoist, eg a mechanical or vacuum gripper, depending on what needs to be lifted. In combination with a lifting device, the flexible jib crane can lift almost anything in a workshop, warehouse or factory.