SPEED-Loader for Container Loading

SPEED-Loader for Container Loading

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General Data

Load speed: 10 bags/minute

Max load: 40 kg/ 88 lbs

Lifting from: Carousels

Lifting to: Containers and trolleys

Power supply: Standard wall outlet or 3-phase socket

Power consumption:
5 W during sleep mode
300 W during continuous operation

Article no: 96-10074

Brochure: Ergonomics through innovation (pdf).

The SPEED-Loader is a light, electrically driven lifting aid with excellent, intuitive maneuvering controls. The concept is much like lifting baggage with the original Container Loading System (CLS), but is even better suited for loading from leaning carousels. The articulated arm combined with the telescopic module results in phenomenal reach inside the ULD or container. It can easily cover all corners from top to bottom.

Baggage Lifting with Motorbike Action

To activate the SPEED-Loader, simply put your hand on one of the two handlebars. An infrared photocell will sense your hand and the SPEED-Loader is instantly ready to react on your command. When you remove your hand, the handlebar is immediately deactivated. Both handles are identical and control the machine movements in the same way. The controls have proportional speed, like the handle of a motorbike. You can easily shift between the handles while loading baggage into the container.

Safe Lift and Safe Parking

The telescopic module is attached to a carriage with a shaft, which allows the module to turn 90° in relation to the carriage. Therefore, the SPEED-Loader can be safely parked above the carousel, away from personnel, baggage and vehicles.

The lifting tool’s arm reaches perfectly from a leaning carousel into a container.