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Speedy Picker - warehouse forklift crane attachments

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 25 kg/ 143 lbs/ customized

Lifts/hour: 100-120

Controls: balancing or proportional speed control (PSH)

Own weight: 300 kg, depending on the size of the compressor

Power: 24 volt (48)

Crane arm: 2000 mm FlexiCrane jib crane, with lock

Truck model: Suitable for most class 2 (model 6) forklift trucks

Article number: 89-11954

Brochure: Speedy Picker (pdf).

The Speedy Picker is an efficient and ergonomic lifting tool for warehouses and distribution centers. It consists of a crane arm and a lifting tool that is connected to a compressor. These are installed onto the forklift truck that is driven by operator during the workday. This way, the lifting tool is always at hand. As the operator no longer needs to manually lift the loads, the risk of injury from lifting is minimized. With the Speedy Picker, work can be carried out faster, easier, and safer.

”If you lift with your body, you really don’t have much energy left after working. You go home, shower and fall asleep. But if you work with the Speedy Picker, you have energy afterwards to go to the gym, to go for a run and to have fun with your family,”

Adnan, Order Picker at a warehouse in Stockholm.

Ergonomic crane arm for forklift trucks that streamline warehouse work

Warehouse work and order picking is a repetitive job that needs to be fast-paced and streamlined. Often, it leads to awkward working positions and bad postures, which is a major risk factor for wear-and-tear injuries and general fatigue that may result in lower productivity. The Speedy Picker lifting solution can manage up to 120 lifts per hour, which allows you to maintain a productive and efficient operation, with fewer injuries and improved ergonomics. The lifting tool is always ready to lift!

The Speedy Picker maintains its stability even when the crane arm is open. So, you don’t need to fold out support legs while using it. Continuous and efficient usage without time-consuming stops.

speedy pickercrane arm with lifting tool

Speedy Picker’s standard lifting tool for boxes

Lifting tools for warehouses and distribution centers

The Speedy Picker can be equipped with a variety of lifting tools for lifting goods, and for loading and unloading forklift trucks. Read about the different models here:

  • Customized lifting tools

Depending on the loads (e.g., bags, sacks, buckets, or containers) the Speedy Picker can be equipped with a bespoke lifting accessory, such as a customized hook, or mechanical gripper with clamps, or a vacuum gripper for gripping odd angles. The possibilities are endless. Just contact our competent sales engineers and ask for a lifting solution customized for your needs.

  • Multi-gripper

If you need to have several different lifting tools for the various materials in your warehouse, we offer a tool with a twist-and-lock system that makes it possible to switch between different vacuum applications and even a hook. By having a multi-gripper connected to your crane, you can easily lift the different objects in different ways, but all with the same machine.

  • Standard lifting tool

The standard lifting tool for boxes starts automatically when placed firmly on the box. The operator can then lift and maneuver the box effortlessly. This lifting tool has been ergonomically designed for both left and right-handed operators, and has a one-button control panel. This button is used to release the load when it has been placed down. The tool’s unique tilting function allows the operator the versatility of choosing between picking up loads from the top or from the side. This makes it easy to pick up products from the top of a high stack, or to work in confined spaces and in low-built areas.

Flexible forklift crane arm

The agile and flexible crane arm is logically placed in the middle of the forklift on the truck. This means quicker pick-ups from both sides and behind the forklift truck. The crane is low-built for work in low spaces, which is common in warehouse aisles. When work is done, the operator simply places the lifting tool into one of the docking stations, folds the crane arm into “parking mode”, and drives safely to the next spot.

Speedy Picker as a separate unit with existing forklift.

Speedy Picker as a separate unit with existing forklift.

Forklift crane arm with different mountings

The Speedy Picker is available for permanent installation on a forklift, or as a separate unit consisting of a crane arm, a compressor and a lifting tool that is coupled to an existing truck. The separate unit (Speedy Picker Add-On) can be used with different models of forklift trucks. It can easily be coupled or decoupled form the forklift, freeing it for other tasks. This version of the Speedy Picker is an independent, mobile unit offering you the flexibility to scale your workflow up or down depending on seasonality and the daily needs of your workplace.

The different methods of mounting enable the Speedy Picker to be coupled onto most pallet trucks, regardless of brand. We work in collaboration with you and your forklift supplier to develop a solution that best suits your specific type of forklift truck.

Resilient, powerful, and safe

The Speedy Picker is a cost-effective alternative that can work several shifts in an operation.

  • It is charged by the forklift’s own battery, so the operator does not have to spend time recharging yet another tool.
  • It only consumes energy when lifting (3-5 seconds), making it a resilient and energy effective lifting solution.
  • It is available with three different effects 1.3, 2.6 and 3.9 Kw and consumesenergy only during the lift (ca 3-5 seconds).
  • It only weighs 300 kilo, allowing for a higher payload before the truck´s maximum capacity is exceeded.

Prevent wear and tear injuries

A warehouse worker often lifts about 120 packages per hour. In total, this one person lifts approximately 15-16 tonnes of weight on average in an 8-hour workday. According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s binding regulations, an employer must provide suitable adjustments to the workplace to reduce or eliminate the risk of overloading employees (SWEA). This also includes providing tools and technical aids. Instead of overloading and physically wearing down employees with heavy lifting, the Speedy Picker can carry the load while the worker maintains speed and precision.

*Patent application for Speedy Picker is pending (20-12-11)


What is an order picker?

An order picker is warehouse equipment used for picking goods, often from shelves to pallets, for filling orders. Lifts All’s order picker is called the Speedy Picker. It is a lifting solution for mobile material handling at warehouses and distribution centers. The Speedy Picker consists of a compressor and a crane arm with a lifting tool connected to it, and it is installed on a forklift. With the Speedy Picker on your forklift, you can drive wherever you need to and still have the lifting equipment with you. Loading pallets and filling orders has never been easier!

What does a Speedy Picker do?

Order pickers are often utilized in distribution centers and warehouses for picking up boxes from pallets and storage shelves and transporting them to other parts of the facility or to delivery trucks. Thanks to pneumatic technology, picking orders is now a breeze. The driver just has to grab the lifting tool, grip the goods and lift it onto the forklift. Then, they simply lock the crane arm and drive to the next shelf. When done with picking up goods, they can just as easily use the Speedy Picker to unload it all.

How to use the Speedy Picker Add-On

The Speedy Picker Add-On is an attachment for forklifts that does not need to be installed. You can start using it within minutes of its arrival. Connecting the Speedy Picker Add-On to your forklift is easy:

  • Drive the prongs of your forklift truck into the Speedy Picker Add-On.
  • Connect the electric cable.
  • Push the ‘Activate’ button to properly latch the Add-On to the forklift. The green light indicates that the Add-On is securely connected.
  • Drive away to pick up your products.
  • To disconnect the Add-On, repeat the same procedure in reverse order.

Bespoke lifting solution for warehouse trucks

Lifts All’s expertise lies in customizing lifting solutions. The Speedy Picker is a made-to-order product. This means that it is a viable solution for almost any type of forklift truck and suits most warehouse environments. Depending on your industry and the goods you lift, we will construct a bespoke lifting solution customized to your needs. We can also design it to be versatile enough to lift different types of loads, so that you can work more efficiently at your warehouse. Just contact our experienced sales engineers and they will find the best solution based on your operating conditions.

Speedy Picker features

The Speedy Picker solution consists of three parts: a compressor, a crane arm and a lifting tool. With a 2-meter-long crane arm and a working diameter of 4 meters, the Speedy Picker is able to access most shelf spaces from the aisle. The height of the crane can be adapted to fit under the shelves in your shelf system, so you can reach packages right at the back. When you no longer need the crane arm, simply fold it and lock it into place, then drive away. The crane arm does not protrude when the forklift is in motion and takes up no space in the narrow aisles of the warehouse.

The Speedy Picker comes with a lifting tool that is customized for your products and workflow requirements. The tool can pick up from all over the shelf, high or low, wherever you need to pick from. When needed, just pull on the bolt and turn the tool from horizontal to vertical position for gripping the package on its side. The lifting tool is able to lift up to 25 kg (standard load capacity). For higher or lower lifting capacity, the tool can be tailored to your needs.

Quick order picking

The current evolving industrial scenario with increased e-commerce has resulted in an increased pressure on many warehouses to deliver more and faster. Working with the Speedy Picker is quick and requires little effort. The lifting tool is intuitively designed. Learning how to use it takes minutes. It utilizes vacuum technology that automatically attaches the tool to the load at contact. Lifting is weightless, and you can place the load anywhere within the reach of the crane arm. Operation is simple as the tool has only two buttons, both for releasing the load. The picking process only takes seconds, so you can easily keep up speed and precision.

Ergonomic warehouse equipment for increased productivity

The speed and quality of warehouse handling often depends on the truck operator’s physical condition. If the truck operator can work without strain, handling becomes quicker, which in turn increases the work rate and the number of orders completed. Ergonomically-designed equipment are a key means of minimizing wear and tear injuries and increasing productivity in manufacturing industries as well as in distribution centers. Lifts All´s lifting tools utilize pneumatic technology to remove the element of weight from the load. When manual order picking is less tiring, the work gets done quicker, which saves you both time and money.

Safety should never be compromised while filling customers’ orders. Our lifting equipment and order picker attachments conform to machine safety regulations. They are ergonomically designed, they suit both the left and right-handed, and their lifting ability does not depend on the physical condition of the operator. In addition, the tool is versatile and able to lift both vertically and horizontally, eliminating any need for the operator to manually position the load before lifting it. With the Speedy Picker you can fill orders swiftly and efficiently, while caring for your operator´s health and safety.

Safe operating

The Speedy Picker is designed with both functionality and safety in mind. It is equipped with safety sensors and an automatic locking system to ensure that the crane arm does not sway when the truck is moving. When the lifting tool is placed in its dock, the safety sensors activate the crane’s automatic locking system, turning it on. Speedy Picker emits an audio and visual signal when activated, indicating that the truck is not allowed to be driven. It works in collaboration with the truck manufacturer to incorporate a ‘stop’ function, which means the truck can only be operated when the crane arm is retracted and the lifting tool is properly secured in its parking box.

Lifts All’s lifting equipment and order picking equipment comply with machinery safety regulations. Additionally, the lifting tools are ergonomically designed to accommodate both left- and right-handed individuals and to lift both vertically and horizontally. With Speedy Picker, you can pick orders safely and efficiently while the truck driver can work more ergonomically.

Service and maintenance

Our qualified and experienced service team are experts in the maintenance and servicing of our lifting tools. One way to extend your equipment’s longevity is to have a service contract with us. This way, we’ll ensure that your lifting tool is working way past its hay day. Contact us for more information. We will do our best to keep your Speedy Picker order pickers always ready to go!