Traverse systems

Overhead traverse systems for up to 600 kg (1400 lbs)

Our overhead traverse systems are constructed in aluminium, which make them sturdy yet flexible and quiet – ideal for a good working environment. Compared with other light-weight overhead crane systems, our system only requires a third of the force needed by the others to move an object.

Flexible installation solutions

Our overhead crane systems can be installed in many ways, such as, on to the ceiling, to the wall or on to existing pillars – all depending on the space available and the environment. We also provide customisation, to fit your workplace, environment and lifting needs.

If your ceiling is too high or low, or if other factors complicate the installation of the lifting system, we can find a solution that will work for you. Lifts All has over 20 years of experience in customising lifting systems so, yes, we will find possibilities and lifting solutions that will fit just your needs and your workplace.

An overhead system can also be modified. It can be made as a low-build to save on space, or it can be made extendable. For example, if the user needs to reach an area outside the traverse system’s frame, we can modify the system with an extendable telescopic rail for this purpose.

Overhead systems for clean rooms

In its basic form, the rails in our traverse systems are suitable for clean room environments. With simple accessories, we can seal the tracks on the rails to prevent dust particles from collecting in them.

traverssystem golvmonterat
Floor mounted crane system
traverssystem golvmonterat spar golvyta
A minimalist’s floor mounted crane system
traverssystem takmonterat
Ceiling mounted crane system
Floor mounted traverse system with 2 gallows