Adjustable I-frame 93-20036

I-frame with adjustable cups 93-20036

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 36 kg/ 79 lbs

Cup diameter: 75 mm

Outer diameter: 449,5 mm

Safety factor: 2

Shape: Bellows

Article no: 93-20036

The adjustable I-frame can lift loads up to 36 kg. The I-frame can be adjusted to suit many different types of long objects such as bars, pipes and long carton boxes. Simply move the four vacuum cups along the frame. By using a cell rubber gasket, the cups can also grip over strapped carton boxes without problem. If you need a versatile tool for lifting products of different lengths and you don’t have time to switch between applications, this I-frame is the tool for you.

The adjustable I-frame is a customized application

This I-frame is one of many applications that suits our multi-gripper the Basic. Lift All has great experience in developing both vacuum and mechanical grippers for warehouses and industries. Contact us for solutions to all your material handling problems!