Combi-Gripper for Flanges 89-12261

Combi-Gripper for Flanges 89-12261

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 40/ 63/ 79 kg

Control: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 11,1 kg

Media: 6-7 bar

Article no: 89-12261

Serial no: A6987/6988

Our combi-gripper for flanges lifts industry flanges up to 79 kilos. It can also lift flanged track wheels and welding rings. The lifting tool has several applications that grips the flanges differently. The smooth flanges can be lifted by using vacuum cups, and the threaded flanges can be lifted by a mechanical grip that clamps the load. Investing in a combi-gripper means that you can use the same lifting tool for different objects. It saves on space, and you also don’t have to mount or demount different grippers. Connecting and disconnecting different applications is done in seconds.

Combi-gripper for flanges- ergonomic and easy to use

The combi-gripper for flanges is equipped with a simple control that grips/releases and lifts/lowers the load. The control also has a switch for using vacuum pressure or mechanical grip. The control has two handles, that gives you a good grip while also working ergonomically

As all of our grippers the combi-gripper for flanges is ergonomically designed to enable the operator to stand in a comfortable position when he or she uses the lifting tool. The load appears almost weightless when it is lifted with the gripper. Therefore, a single person can lift loads that previously needed to be lifted by two. Repeated lifting is also easier to do with a lifting tool at hand.