Jib Crane XS in aluminum 100 kg

Jib Crane XS in aluminum 100 kg

General Data

Maximum capacity: 100 kg/ 220 lbs

Length: 2-3 meters/ 6′ 6″- 9′ 10″

Rotation: 180 degrees

Weight : 15,65-19,10 kg/ 35 lbs- 42 lbs

Sold separately: Bal-Trol, pillar and lifting tool

Jib Crane XS is our lightest jib crane, made of lightweight aluminum. Even though it is petite, it has a capacity of lifting 100 kg. This means that the Jib Crane XS can bear the weight of many of the loads that are handled in warehouses, factories, and more.

Jib cranes for optimized and ergonomic workflow

When a jib crane is integrated into the workplace, opportunities are created for more ergonomic working methods. The crane can be used in combination with a lifting tool, a simple hook, or a telpher. In combination with a lifting tool from Lifts All, you have a complete lifting system customized for your workplace. The crane bears the load, which spares the body from ware-and-tear injuries.
A jib crane optimizes the workflow. It can aid in lifting objects from, for example, a work bench to a pallet, or it can be utilized in an assembly process. In combination with a lifting tool, the variables are endless!

Mounting methods

There are several options for how and where to mount a Jib Crane XS. Depending on the structural layout and supporting elements in the working environment, a Jib Crane XS can be either mounted directly on a wall or onto a pillar. A wall-hung jib crane frees up floor space, while a pillar-mounted crane will fully optimize on rotation .

Jib cranes of different sizes and pillars of different heights

The Jib Crane XS comes in 2-, 2.5-, and 3-meter working diameters so choosing the right jib crane depends on the area in which it is to be utilized. Pillars are also available in different heights to facilitate how high you want to lift. All pillars, Bal-Trols and lifting tools are sold separately.