Articulated jib crane

Agile articulated jib cranes for loads up to 100 kg

It’s been proven that Lifts All’s jib cranes outclass other pillar cranes, jib cranes and articulated jib cranes in user-friendliness. Our cranes are light and flexible, and soon become essential tools to the user. We offer an array of light-weight cranes to suit most needs – depending on the desired lifting capacity and the working space available. Should any of our light-weight cranes not suit your work place, we can customise one just for you. Along with these, we also produce the appropriate pillars for mounting your crane on the floor, the ceiling or a wall – the choice is yours.

FlexiCrane Mobile: 65 kg, 2 meters

If you need to use a crane in different parts of your work station, our FlexiCrane Mobile is ...

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FlexiCrane: 65 kg, 2 m/3 m

The versatile jib crane FlexiCrane follows where ever you go – smoothly, easy, silently and ...

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MaxiCrane Mini: 100 kg, 3 m

The MaxiCrane Mini is has the same lifting capacity of a MaxiCrane, which is 100 kg, but a ...

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MaxiCrane: 100 kg, 4 m

The MaxiCrane is a smooth and efficient jib crane that can lift loads of up to 100 kg quickly ...

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