About us

Lifts All – customised lifting tools since 1994

Lifts All AB is a Swedish supplier and manufacturer of complete lifting gear for product and material handling for industries, warehouses and pharmaceuticals. We have produced over 4,500 pneumatic lifting tools for our customers and retailers all over the world, most of these were customised. With our lifting tools, companies are able to create a better working environment through eliminating physically-strenuous and dangerous manual lifting, reducing physical wear and minimising lifting-related injuries.

Lifts All was founded in 1981 with the primary aim of selling hydraulic tools for electric cables. In 1994, the company redirected its interest into the production and sales of pneumatic lifting tools. Through the years, Lifts All has garnered knowledge and experience in the customisation of pneumatic lifting tools. Design, construction, sales and after-sales servicing are all under one roof in Stockholm, Sweden. Based on our compressed-air hoist, the Bal-Trol, we offer our customers complete lifting systems that are ergonomically-designed. From the grippers and cranes, to light-weight overhead rail systems, everything can be designed and constructed to fit your environment and your work process perfectly. We also provide installation and maintenance services for all our products.

Safe lifting

Our vast experience and knowledge of pneumatic lifting systems means that we are able to find a solution for just your workspace and your lifting needs. We also offer after-sales support in the form of service and maintenance – help is always at hand, just give us a call. Lifts All has developed and produced thousands of lifting tools for all sorts of material handling, we look forward to helping you with yours!

Ergonomical lifting

Our focus has always been on ergonomics – it is the red thread through our product design and developments. We want your colleagues to have the best possible lifting solution that will enable them to work optimally, comfortably and efficiently. To accomplish this, we customise the lifting tool/gripper, designing it specifically, to suit your workplace and your lifting needs. Our grippers are user-friendly and can be used by anyone, regardless of physique or experience. Our lifting tools remove the weight factor from your loads, which means all you need is a minimal amount of physical movement to slide the gripper towards the load and grip it.

Swift and easy lifting

Our lifting tools are built on a unique balancing technology that allows the user to steer the load without feeling the weight of it. The physical momentums of lifting with our tools are natural, the load is moved in the same way as you would if you were to lift it manually. All that is missing is the weight. Because you don’t feel the weight, moving the loads becomes easier and swifter. The speed or the up and down controls on each gripper can also be adjusted to suit your preferences.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer quick, safe and ergonomic lifting solutions that reduces wear and tear injuries and increases our customers’ productivity.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide a better working day for all who work with material handling.