Guide: This is how we do it

Customising a gripper just for you

This is how we do it – from lifting problem to lifting solution!


1.    You have a problem with lifting and moving your products.

Lifting glass manually


2.  You explain your problem to Lifts All and tell us how you would like to manoeuvre the load.

Do you want to lift high, rotate, tilt, turn or place your product down in a specific way? Perhaps you have seen a lift that might be a solution to your problem? From our years of experience, we know that we will find a solution just for you. We’d be happy to come around to see your workplace and discuss all the alternatives that are available.

Lifting glass manually coworker


3. In collaboration with our Technical Sales Engineers, our Mechanical Designers will draw up suggestions for you, based on how you want your products to move.



4. Only when you have approved and signed off on the design will our talented fitters and turners begin constructing your lifting tool.

Mounting a lifting tool


5. In a couple of weeks you have your custom-made lifting tool delivered and can lift your products quickly and easily – without injuring your back, shoulders or products anymore!

Lifting tool for glass panes

So… what do you want to lift?

Even if you don’t find any solution here for your specific product, talk to us.

Together we will customise a solution that suits you best.