Combi-Gripper for Ventilators 89-12266

Combi-Gripper for Ventilators 89-12266

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 24 kg/ 53 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 24 kg/ 53 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12266

Serial no: A6993/A6994

Lifts All´s combi-gripper for ventilators lifts mechanical ventilators in the manufacturing process. A ventilator is used in hospital environments to move air in and out of patient´s lungs, when they for one reason or another have difficulties breathing on their own. The apparatus is both valuable and sensitive, therefore it is important to protect it from knocks and bumps in the factory where it is produced. The ventilator is also quite heavy and can be difficult to move. With a combi-gripper for ventilators you can quickly and weightlessly move the ventilators, while protecting them.

Lifting tool for packing respirators

The combi-gripper is used for packing the respirators. The gripper can manage all the stages of the packing process, by switching between vacuum and mechanical setting.

  1. The lifting tool can grab the handle of the respirator and lift it into a protective Styrofoam case, by using a mechanical grip.
  2. The case is closed and moved from horizontal to vertical position by using vacuum cups.
  3. The case is lowered into a cardboard box that is sealed.
  4. Using vacuum cups, the cardboard box is lifted onto eg. a pallet for further distribution.

Combi-gripper for ventilators- two lifting tools in one

With a traditional combi-gripper you often have to decouple different applications in order to switch between vacuum pressure or mechanical grip. Using one single unit for all tasks is both handy and saves time. A simple flick-switch changes between vacuum and mechanical setting. By using the mechanical setting, you can for example lift handles and loops, while by using the vacuum setting you can lift all air-tight materials.