Wheel Gripper 89-12039

Lifting tool for wheels

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General Data

Max load: 40 kg/ 88 lbs

Diameter: 600mm - 800mm/ 15-22″

Control system: proportional speed control (PSH)

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12039

Serial no: A6581

Our wheel gripper lifts and stacks wheels and tires without effort

Lifts All has created a simple and flexible solution for handling wheels. The wheel gripper utilizes its mechanism to fixate the load, and compressed air lift the load quickly and effortlessly. It is easy to tilt the wheel up to 90°. Simply adjust the position of the wheel by rotating it to the desired position by hand. The lifting tool is designed to be easily adjusted to fit wheels and tires of different sizes, up to 40kg and between 600-800 mm. Therefore, the wheel lifter is a versatile lifting tool that suits most wheels!

Lifting aids are ergonomically beneficial

Manual handling is often uncomfortable and can be strenuous to the neck, back, shoulders and arms- Lifts All’s wheel gripper is the perfect alternative. The ergonomic design immediately improves the productivity and shortly the operator notices an improved personal health. The employer sees a rapid decline in absence due to sore backs and shoulders.