Copenhagen Airport (Denmark)

Copenhagen Airport (Denmark)

Copenhagen Airport is Scandinavia´s biggest airport. Around 30 000 000 people travel through the airport yearly. This means a lot of bags that needs to be handled. To promote staff health and reduce sick leave, Copenhagen has invested in many of our quick and ergonomic baggage handling systems. The Container Loading System (CLS) and the Electric Container Loading System (e-CLS) is used on a daily basis to load baggage from conveyor belts into containers.

“A challenge for the baggage handler every day, is to load the baggage inside the ULDs (baggage containers), this due the workload and turning when lifting load. This function had before led to issues for the baggage handlers’ body, where we now have a helping solution.

The CLS solution, is a great help for the baggage handler in the daily work, when loading baggage in ULDs. Here we see a huge reduction in the workload, due to the efficiency on the CLS. We got the first CLS at Copenhagen Airport, several years back, and with the last order for the new baggage factory, we will have over 30 units in production.”

Health and safety representative, Copenhagen Airport