Gripper for metal parts 89-12120

Gripper for metal parts 89-12120

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 11 kg/ 24 lbs

Controls: balancing

Weight: 14,2/ 31 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12120

Serial no: A6733

This is our gripper for metal parts that is custom made for lifting a specific metal part – and being able to lift several of them at the same time. This lifting tool easily lifts the metal parts from a table down into pallet collars. The metal parts whey about 2 kg each and it is possible to lift up to 5 metal parts during every lift. The job will be done faster, and the operator avoids manual repetitive lifting. Work will be more ergonomic and save on back and shoulders. The gripper has automatic start and balancing for a safe and smooth lift. The handles can be tilted sideways as well. This makes it easier for the operator to move the load sideways and it is also easier to use the gripper in environments with confined spaces.

Gripper for metal parts – how does it work?

This is a mechanical gripper that lifts the metal parts with two blocks that grips on to the load from the sides. When the metal parts are securely gripped you just move the load to its desired place, e.g. down into pallet collars. You can tilt the handles sideways as well during the lift if needed. The gripper balances the load smooth and safe during the entire lift. For extra security the gripper is also equipped with a cargo guard. The cargo guard ensures that the gripper doesn’t drop the load during the lift. The gripper must be attached securely to the load to be able to lift. The maximum lifting capacity for this tool is 11 kg.

Custom designed for your needs

We custom design the lifting tool to fit your needs and the environment you are working in. If you want to lift similar type of loads in different sizes or materials, we adjust the gripper for your needs. It is also possible to adjust the maximum lifting capacity. We normally use red as our standard color on all our lifting tools, but it is possible to get a tool in a different color as well. In this case, the customer wanted to have a blue lifting tool instead.