Pallet Gripper 89-12178

Pallet Gripper 89-12178

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 45 kg

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Own weight: 32 kg

Media: 6-7 bar

Article no: 89-12178

Serial no: A6844

This is our Pallet Gripper, a versatile lifting tool for lifting pallets, pallet collars and pallet lids. Lifting and handling pallets manually is physically straining and often requires at least two people. This pallet gripper makes the work easy, efficient, and possible to do on your own. It is the perfect lifting solution for those working with pallets in warehousing, industrial and distribution centers. The maximum load for this pallet gripper is 45 kg.

The Pallet Gripper – how does it work?

The gripper attaches to a pallet, pallet lid or pallet collar when the suction plate is placed on it (on the top of pallets and lids, and on the side of pallet collars). The gripper lifts the load with vacuum power. The green eye lights up when the vacuum level is correct. This indicates that it is safe to lift. After moving the pallet to the desired location, the gripper is disengaged from the pallet by pressing the red button.

Customized lifting tools

Our grippers are tailored to meet the needs of our customers. The maximum lifting capacity, gripping pressure, method of gripping, tilting and rotation functions, and more, are customized to lift your specific loads. So, regardless of what you need to lift and what environment you work in, we will develop a suitable solution for you. Read more about the various pallet grippers we have produced here.