Pallet Gripper 89-12178

Pallet Gripper 89-12178

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 45 kg/ 99 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Own weight: 32 kg/ 70 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12178

Serial no: A6844

Lifts All´s pallet gripper is a versatile lifting tool for lifting pallets, pallet collars and pallet lids. Lifting and handling a pallet manually is physically straining and often requires at least two people. This pallet gripper makes the work easy, efficient, and possible to do on your own. It is the perfect lifting solution for those working with pallets in warehousing, industries and distribution centers.

What is a pallet gripper?

A pallet gripper is a lifting device for lifting pallets ergonomically. Lifts All offers several types of pallet grippers to help aid in lifting bulky and heavy pallets. With a pallet gripper you can weightlessly grip, lift and stack pallets. We also offer pallet grippers with extended features, that can tilt or rotate the load, or fold pallet collars.

How does it work?

This specific gripper attaches to a pallet, pallet lid or pallet collar when the suction plate is placed on it. The gripper can attach to the top of pallets and lids, or to the side of pallet collars. The gripper lifts the load with vacuum power. The green eye lights up when the vacuum level is correct. This indicates that it is safe to lift. After moving the pallet to the desired location, the gripper is disengaged from the pallet by pressing the red button.

Benefits of using a pallet gripper

  • A pallet gripper lifts weightlessly and ergonomically.
  • Using lifting tools aids in keeping the staff healthy without wear and tear injuries caused by heavy lifting. The maximum load for this pallet gripper is 45 kg.
  • The pallet gripper makes it possible for one person to lift a large pallet that previously needed to be lifted by two, which streamlines the handling, increases productivity and frees up time for other work tasks.
  • A vacuum gripper allows high-frequency lifting. Instead of back breaking manual lifting, the pallet gripper allows you to keep the speed up while also working comfortably.
  • No more splinters or scratches. The pallet gripper allows you to spare your hands even when working without gloves.
  • Maximize space by stacking empty pallets.
  • Our lifting tools are ergonomically designed to suit both big and small, as well as right or left-handed.

Pallet grippers for handling various pallets

We primarily make grippers for EU-pallets, whole and half pallets, but we can customize grippers to be compatible to almost any pallet. We can handle both loaded and empty pallets.

Our grippers are tailored to meet your needs. The maximum lifting capacity, gripping pressure, method of gripping, tilting and rotation functions, and more, are customized to lift your specific loads. So, regardless of what you need to lift and what environment you work in, we will develop a suitable solution for you. Just contact our skilled sales technicians and they will provide the best solution according to your needs.

Different handling methods

Different goods require different handling methods and different solutions. Besides vacuum pallet grippers, we also offer other handling methods. We offer a mechanical pallet gripper that attaches by a clamping mechanism. To clamp the load is often beneficial when lifting porous materials. Another lifting solution is our versatile multi-gripper the Basic. With its different applications that are easy to attach, it allows you to lift by hooking on to the load or lifting with one or several vacuum suction cups.

What is the difference between a pallet gripper and a pallet jack?

A pallet jack is usually manually rolled under the pallet and raised by leverage force. The pallet is then lifted off the floor and can be dragged away. Lifts All´s pallet gripper, on the other hand, requires no physical force or even technique for you to be able to lift the load. Thanks to pneumatics (vacuum technology) the lift is completely weightless.

Another difference between a pallet jack and a pallet gripper is the suspension system. The pallet gripper is attached either to a crane or an overhead traverse system, which allows extended use at different parts of the workplace, without having to drag it around manually.