FlexiCrane: 65 kg, 2 m

Articulated jib crane max load 65 kg - FlexiCrane

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 65 kg/ 143 lbs

Range: 2 m/6' 6" (360 degrees)

Rotation: unlimited

Weight: 30 kg/ 66 lbs

Laqcuered: red (RAL 3020)

Article no: 95-10113

Sold seperately: pillar 160 mm/6.29", Bal-Trol and gripper

Brochure : Lifting with flexicrane (pdf).

The versatile jib crane FlexiCrane follows where ever you go – smoothly, easy, silently and endlessly rotating!

FlexiCrane is mounted with a steel pillar on the wall, in the ceiling or on the floor, depending on the design of the workplace. The crane can be attached onto all our standard pillars. The length of the pillar is customized and is also available in a telescoping version. The crane pillar can be equipped with a mobile platform if you need to lift at several parts of the work place. There is always enough space for a FlexiCrane lifting system!

Silent and light weight crane

Thanks to the light weight design and the handy size FlexiCrane is easily installed in no time and therefore at a low cost. The light weight of the crane combined with low-friction bearings makes it very silent and smooth to work with.

Another nice feature about FlexiCrane is that the arm can actually rotate, not only a full turn – but endlessly!

Can be combined with a lifting tool

In order to create a complete lifting system, the FlexiCrane can be combined with our compressed air cylinder Bal-Trol and a lifting tool. Since the crane’s lifting tool runs on compressed air, energy costs are saved during the use of the FlexiCrane. Our standby mode costs nothing!

Stainless steel crane – For sensitive environments

FlexiCrane is available in an electroplated stainless steel version as a new standard. It is smooth and easy to clean and can be used in sensitive environments, such as pharmaceutical or food processing industries.