I need to lift sacks

Many companies have personnel that handle sacks on a daily basis. It is heavy and strenuous work that wears down the body. For this reason, Lifts All have developed customised lifting tools, grippers, for just this type of manual work. Our sack grippers take the weight of the sacks, leaving the operator free to do the work of moving the load without the burden of the weight. The work becomes more ergonomic and natural for the body – this contributes towards a healthier and happier staff. The type of Lifts All sack gripper you need is based upon what material your sacks are made of. We can offer a mechanical gripper to lift gunny sacks and cloth-based bags, or a vacuum gripper to lift plastic and paper sacks. Both types of grippers are available in “cleanroom versions” to meet the high hygienic requirements of the industry.

Here are a few of our most popular grippers for lifting sacks. Read more in our brochure, Lifting tools for sacks (pdf).