Gripper for Milling Cutter Bodies 89-12254

Gripper for Milling Cutter Bodies 89-12254

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 27 kg/ 59 lbs

Control system: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 8,5 kg/ 19 lbs

Media: 6 bar/ 90 psi

Article no: 89-12254

Serial no: 6976

Our gripper for milling cutter bodies eases the lifting of cutter bodies up to 27 kilos. The milling cutter bodies are often used in the engineering industry in different types of cutting processes. Lifting them by hand can be heavy and difficult to do. The two-in-one lifting tool features both a hook and a piston expander that  enables you to lift milling cutter bodies with or without case. The piston expander grips in the center of the cutter body. Thereafter, you can lift it wherever you like without feeling the weight. When the milling cutter body is packed in its´ case you can use the folding hook to lift and move it by the handle. The case can be lifted horizontally, and moved to a vertical position. Lifting is easy and simple, instead of heavy and tough.

Gripper for Milling Cutter Bodies – a gripper with smart functions

The gripper for milling cutter bodies is one of our specially designed lifting tools. This means that our competent designers have tailored the tool according to our customer´s needs. The gripper has a compact control that maneuvers the load with precision. The operator can switch between hook or expander setting in just a few seconds. Lift up, down, or sideways. The gripper has an intuitive design that makes it easy for everyone to use. The handles are placed at an angle for an excellent grip. Together, the functions enable the operator to work more ergonomically which promotes a healthier work environment.