Gripper for kegs 89-10525

Gripper for kegs 89-10525

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 35 kg/ 77 lbs

Control system: proportional speed control (PSH)

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-10525

Serial no: 4991

This gripper for kegs makes it easy to lift and move beer kegs without harming your body. With the vacuum cups it holds onto the load and lifts it from pallet to pallet. The kegs are not that heavy before they’ve been filled up but once they are filled with liquid it is hard work for the operator to lift manually. The keg gripper from Lifts All makes the work go smoother and safer without hurting neck, back or shoulders. This lifting solution is mounted to a rail system with a FlexiCrane. This makes it easier for the operator to move around with the load. Maximum lifting capacity for this tool is 35 kg.

Gripper for kegs – how does it work?

Put the vacuum cups onto the side of the keg. The gripper will hold onto the load and then you lift the load up and down with the buttons. If the gripper is not correctly attached to the load it will not lift. This also applies for when you unload the keg. If the keg doesn’t have a flat surface underneath the gripper wont unload, for safety reasons. When you’ve moved the keg to its desired place you push the buttons to loosen the keg from the gripper. This lifting tool can also rotate the load up to 180°. This is a great function if you have to turn the keg upside down after filling it up.

Customised lifting solution for your needs

We custom design our lifting tools to make sure you get the best gripper for your needs and the environment you are working in. The lifting solution can be customised to lift other similar type of loads in other sizes or materials. It is also possible to change the maximum weight capacity for your lifting tool.