I need to lift food products

Companies in the food industry are in great need of lifting tools. To help them, we have developed a range of food-industry grippers, made from blasted stainless steel. These grippers are usually used in cleanrooms to pack and lift food items – a heavy manual job with many repetitive movements. The grippers can be polished to different grades of finish, depending on the food product to be handled and the requirements of the industry. And, because of the materials we use in constructing our grippers and the way they are constructed, they are easy to keep perfectly clean – helping you maintain the high standards of hygiene necessary. Lifts All has also produced grippers to handle unpackaged foods, e.g. cheese and butter, and other F&B grippers, such as grippers for buckets of dough and milk trays, that can also rotate the load.

Here are a few of our food-handling grippers.