Lift, turn and stack empty pallets

Our customised pallet grippers have made the job of stacking pallets much easier. The operators used to have to lift the empty pallets manually, which led to an increased risk for RSI and accidents. Now, with grippers from Lifts All, the operators can work faster, more effectively and ergonomically. These grippers are popular with companies that have warehouses or production processes that need to move and stack pallets quickly, and sometimes at heights. The pallet gripper lifts all types of pallets, with or without collars and regardless of dimension, and it can stack them as desired. In comparison to other pallet lifts and forklifts, our pallet gripper is smaller and can rotate, tilt or turn an empty pallet in a confined space. The gripper is made primarily for Euro pallets, whole and half pallets, but it can be customised for all other types of pallets, regardless of size and dimension.


Our lifting tools for pallets: