Gripper for pipes 89-12148

Gripper for pipes 89-12148

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 18 kg/ 40 lbs

Controls: balancing

Own weight: 9 kg/ 20 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12148

Serial no: A6790

This is our gripper for pipes, the lifting tool for lifting steel or other types of pipes. This lifting solution is easy to use and ergonomic for the operator. With three vacuum cups affixed onto the outer sides of the pipe, the load is safely and securely gripped and ready for lifting and moving. You can also rotate the gripper before picking up the load in order to grip pipes that are stacked horizontally or vertically. After gripping and lifting, rotate the load again into the desired position. The maximum lifting capacity for this lifting solution is 18 kg/40 lb.

Gripper for pipes – how does it work?

Metal pipes can be difficult to lift and often require two people. With this gripper, one person can easily do the job on their own. The pipe is securely gripped by the vacuum cups. The lifting tool has a sensor that indicates that it is time to grip the load. When you’ve gripped the pipe, you can rotate it manually into the position you want for unloading. After placing it down at the desired location, you release the pipe by pressing the release button.

Tailor-made lifting solutions

We will customize the lifting tool to optimally fit your lifting needs and your work environment. We adjust the maximum load, rotation, tilt and how the gripper should grip according to your requirements. You can order your tool in your company color or any other color you’d like, or in stainless steel for use in cleanroom environments.