MaxiCrane: 100 kg, 4 m

Articulated jib crane for loads up to 100 kg – MaxiCrane

General Data

Maximum capacity: 100 kg/ 220 lbs

Reach: 4 meters/ 13'1″

Height of pillar: 3 meters/ 9'10″ standard (can be adapted)

Recommended pillar size: 180x180 mm/ 7x7”

Rotation inner arm: 270 degrees

Rotation outer arm: unlimited

Colour: red (RAL 3020)

Sold seperately: Pillar, Bal-Trol and gripper

Brochure: Lifting with MaxiCrane (pdf).

The MaxiCrane is a smooth and efficient jib crane that can lift loads of up to 100 kg quickly and easily! With a 4 m working area diameter, it is a very versatile and manoeuvrable crane that can take on odd angles. The MaxiCrane works well in smaller working space, or in areas where overhead rails are not an option.

Endless rotation

The MaxiCrane is usually mounted onto a pillar that has been bolted into the floor. However, it can also be installed onto the ceiling or on a wall. This makes the MaxiCrane a very versatile jib, suitable for many different types of working spaces. In comparison to its predecessor, the ever-popular FlexiCrane, MaxiCrane is a sturdier construction and can lift heavier loads. It also has an astounding 4 m working area, with an inner-arm radius of 270°, while the outer arm can rotate endlessly.

Because of its handy size and weight, this crane can be installed easily and quickly at a very reasonable price. The low weight combined with low-friction bearings in the joints make the MaxiCrane a very quiet and accommodating crane to work with. In terms of user-friendliness, this crane’s agility and flexibility outclasses all other cranes, pillar cranes and articulated jib cranes.

Complement with a lifting tool powered by air

Lifts All’s range of jib cranes and articulated jib cranes can all be complemented with a lifting tool and a Bal-Trol (compressed air cylinder). Our lifting tools not only save backs and hips and shoulders, but also time and money. Since they are powered by compressed air when in operation, expenditure on energy is minimised. With our lifting tools idle time costs nothing!