Battery Gripper 2657

Battery Gripper 2657

General Data

Maximum capacity: 20 kg/ 44 lbs

Own weight: 13,5 kg/ 30 lbs

Controls: balancing

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Serial no: 2657

For smooth and safe lifting of a variety of different batteries, this battery gripper is the tool for you. It is a mechanical gripper that lifts the load by clamping on the sides of the battery for lifting. The operator works in an ergonomically correct position, without running the risk of back, neck or shoulder injuries. The tool itself weighs 13.5 kg and can lift a maximum of 20 kg.

Battery gripper – how does it work?

Place the gripper’s gripping plates around the sides of the battery. Grip the battery by pressing both the green buttons simultaneously. Lift the battery using the handlebars and move it to the desired place. When the battery is on a stable platform, release it by pressing both red buttons simultaneously. Be careful not to press the red buttons during the lift as the load will fall, leading to a risk of injury and material damage.

Specially adapted lifting solutions

We tailor and design the lifting tool for optimal efficacy in lifting exactly what you need to lift in your working environment. Maximum lifting capacity, rotation, tilt and the manner in which the load needs to be handled, can all be customized in your lifting tool. All according to your wishes. We usually paint all of our tool red (RAL 3020), but in this case, the customer wanted it to be white.