H-frame Small 93-20010

H-frame Small 93-20010

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General Data

Maximum capacity kg: 25/ 36 kg

Maximum capacity lbs: 55.12/ 79 lbs

Cup diameter: 77,5 mm

Outer diameter: 252 mm

Safety factor: 2

Shape: Bellows

Article no: 93-20010

The H-frame Small is perfect for lifting porous items, such as boxes, packages and cartons, of up to 25 kilos, or airtight materials up to 36 kilos. As the frame is H-shaped, with a suction cup on each corner, the H-frame Small can grip a box while avoiding the central opening of the box where the box-sealing tape usually makes a secure grip difficult.

H-frame Small is also great for lifting airtight materials, such as plastic containers or flat metal loads. The application uses the same cups for both carton and airtight materials. By adding a cell rubber gasket the cups will get an even better grip when gripping over straps.

This Basic application has been developed to tolerate room temperatures between 10-50 °C.

Cell rubber gasket.