Jib crane in aluminum 250 kg

Jib crane in aluminum 250 kg

General Data

Maximum capacity: 250 kg/ 551 lbs

Length: 2-5 meters/ 6′ 6″-16′ 4″

Rotation: 180 degrees

Weight: 82-127 kg/ 181 lbs-280 lbs

Sold separately: Pillar, Bal-Trol and lifting tool

Our jib crane in aluminum 250 kg is one of our most powerful cranes, that manages to lift most objects in warehouses and industries. Even though it has a capacity of lifting 250 kg, it is a relatively lightweight jib crane, as it is made from light yet sturdy aluminum. The crane is also smooth and agile to work with.

Add a lifting tool for an ergonomic workplace

Lifts All´s jib cranes are compatible with our lifting tools that run on compressed air. By adding a customized lifting tool and a compressed air cylinder (Bal-Trol) you will have a complete lifting system. With the help of a lifting system the workplace becomes more ergonomic, as the manual lifts are reduced.

Crane for quick installation

Jib crane 250 kg can either be mounted on to a pillar or wall, depending on how it is to be used and the walls bearing capacity. The crane is suitable for our standard pillars of 3.5 meters, 4 meters and 4.5 meters. No matter if you choose a wall jib crane or a pillar jib crane, the installation is easy because of the crane´s preassembled components. Therefore, you can quickly have a powerful, lightweight, and smooth crane at hand to ease the lifting at your warehouse or industry.