Beverage industry

Lifting systems for the beverage industry

One of the mainstream industries that utilizes Lifts All grippers in its daily operations is the beverage industry. Our lifting tools are used to lift, move, and pack bottles, cans, and kegs of different weights and sizes. They are also used in warehouses and factories where large quantities of bottled and canned drinks are packed daily for distribution.

Manual lifting is very common in the beverage industry, often resulting in wear and tear injuries and physical overstrain that lead to down-time and sick leave. Efficiency in these warehouses is mandatory – everything must go quickly.

So, when beverage companies approached us for ergonomic lifting solutions, we developed tools that were not only ergonomic and energy-efficient, but also able lift several bottles/cans at one time. Entire crates, half crates, or just a selection of bottles could be lifted all at once! This multi-item gripping technic, coupled with the fact that our lifting tools use less energy than regular tube lifts, mean that our tools not only saved the operators from injuries and overstrain, but they also saved their time.

Read more about the different lifting solutions we’ve designed for the beverage industries below.

Lifts All’s easy and efficient lifting solutions for this industry include tools that can lift:

  • up to 9 crates from pallet to pallet,
  • up to 24 bottles from packing table into boxes/carrying trays,
  • 6 x 4 packs of plastic-wrapped PET bottles onto pallets,
  • up to 16 cans from pallets into display cases, and
  • beer kegs up to 60 kg.

Customized lifting solutions

Regardless of the type of beverage you need to lift or its packaging, we have the lifting solution for you. With our tailor-made lifting tools, we make your business more efficient by making your operators’ work easy.

Take the heavy, physical work out of material handling and order picking. Make these jobs easy for everyone – regardless of the operator, regardless of the load.