Keg lift

Lifts All has vast experience from manufacturing keg lifters and grippers for other products in the beverage industry. Decades in the business have resulted in a broad line of lifting tools for fluid containers. Our keg lifters allow you to lift heavy drums easily and are an excellent solution for reducing wear-and-tear injuries.

Lift and rotate kegs easily and safely

Many breweries lift heavy kegs by hand or use old-fashioned manual or electric keg lifters. Lifts All´s keg lifting tools are powered by the compressed air cylinder Bal-Trol, that makes the load essentially weightless and super easy to handle. We manufacture both mechanical and vacuum lifters. Keg lifters are ideal when you need to lift or rotate kegs quickly and efficiently, while avoiding risking injury.

Lifts All´s keg lifters are designed according to the style and size of the keg, as well as how it is handled in the warehouse or brewery. The tool´s lifting capacity is adjusted according to the weight of the keg. The keg lifters can lift kegs from pallet to shelf, stack kegs, load kegs onto carts and more. Moving multiple kegs in a short period of time is effortless. Safe and easy lifting helps promote employee safety. As manual handling is greatly reduced, so are the wear-and-tear injuries in the workplace.

Using a keg lifter

No more complicated machinery with heavy user guidelines that result in dusty and unused tools. Lifts All´s keg lifters have an unmatched maneuverability. Their user-friendly control panel often consists of 2-4 buttons, to grip and release, lift and lower. The keg lifters are easy for anyone to learn and use. Soon, they become a helpful everyday tool and a true back saver. As they are designed for everyday use, the tools can lift multiple kegs per day.

The kegs can be latched in different ways, so that they are always securely gripped. Many of our lifting tools for beer kegs grip the keg by using a clamping function. Other grippers clamp the beer keg from the inside of the keg´s rim. Kegs without rim are often best gripped using vacuum suction cups that latches onto the outside of the kegs. Once the kegs are correctly gripped, they are easily lifted by the push of a button.

We also provide lifting tools that can tilt and rotate kegs. This is a great feature if the kegs need to be turned after being filled, or if they need to be stacked alternately on a pallet or into keg storage racks.

Multi-functional lifter

Lifts All are specialized in customizing efficient and ergonomic lifting tools for all industries. We have manufactured keg lifters for some of the world´s most esteemed breweries. Our grippers are fully adjustable for all sorts of beverage kegs and beer kegs. Some of the kegs that our keg grippers can lift are:

  • Euro kegs
  • US kegs
  • Din kegs
  • Cornelius kegs
  • Key kegs
  • Rubber steel rubber (RSR) kegs

Mobile keg lifters

Lifts All’s keg lifters can either be connected to a flexible articulated jib crane or a traverse system. By connecting the keg lift to a suspension system, you get the freedom to move around and place the keg wherever you want. Depending on the size and layout of your facilities you can either opt for a crane with 360 degrees rotation or a traverse system that allows you to lift freely in a square shaped area. We also offer a mobile jib crane, that allows the lifting tool to be used in several parts of the workplace.

Lifting and moving kegs in the beverage industry

The beverage or food industry often has special requirements regarding food safety. Often times, packaging and pouring needs to be conducted in a clean space, separate from all contact which may risk contaminating the beverage. All of Lifts All´s keg lifters are CE-marked to signify that they have been assessed to meet the high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements of the European Union. We can also manufacture stainless steel keg lifters with smooth, washable surfaces, that are easy to keep clean and can be washed with alcohol – so that the tools are always in sound condition.

Benefits of using a keg gripper

  • The lifting tool´s ergonomic design allows you to lift safely with minimal effort.
  • Using a keg lift instead of lifting manually can help companies to avoid countless back injuries.
  • Lifting by hand means that the body gets increasingly tired as the day passes by. A lifting tool helps keep the speed up. Therefore, avoiding manual labor often results in time-savings.