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Do you need lifting equipment that look out for your employees well-being as well as the company’s budget? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our products and services include specially made lifting tools, traverse systems, light-weight cranes, spare parts, and installation and maintenance service. All of our products run on air-pressure (pneumatic) and are a safe to use and also energy-efficient.

Let us help you reduce the number of work-related injuries in your company with our ergonomically-designed lifting equipment. Our lifting solutions can carry any load, regardless of its weight and also more lightweight loads. More lightweight loads can also cause severe injuries, especially if lifted repeatedly or wrongly. Our lifting tools contribute to a strong and healthy workforce, higher productivity and lower costs. Read more about our different grippers on this page. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us here!

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Complete lifting systems

An ergonomic lifting system from Lifts All consists of an overhead rail system or crane, the ...

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Standard grippers

We offer a carefully selected range of standard grippers for lifting the most common types of ...

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Customised lifting tools

Lifts All customize every lifting tool based on your workspace and what load you are lifting. ...

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All our lifting tools work with a Bal-Trol. The Bal-Trol is a unique single-acting pneumatic ...

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Articulated jib crane

It’s been proven that Lifts All’s jib cranes outclass other pillar cranes, jib cranes and ...

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Traverse systems

Our overhead traverse systems are constructed in aluminium, which make them sturdy yet flexible ...

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What is a lifting tool?

A lifting tool, lifting equipment or gripper is a tool that aids in lifting products or material in industries and warehouses. Instead of lifting and positioning manually, and thereby straining the neck and back, the operator can use the lifting equipment to grab the product and lift it without effort.

Lifting equipment can look very different, depending on what it lifts and how it´s lifted. Lifts All offers lifting tools that lift both big and small objects, as well as lightweight and heavy objects. Among the things that we often help companies lift are boxes, rolls, sheets of glass or metal, gas tubes and car components. We supply our lifting solutions to a wide range of industries, from the beverage industry to the automotive industry.

What equipment is used for lifting?

To lift loads weightlessly you need three units to form a complete lifting system: a suspension system, a balancer (Bal-Trol) and a lifting tool. The suspension system can either consist of an overhead traverse system or a crane. The Bal-Trol is a pneumatic hoist that makes the load weightless and that raises and lowers it. The gripper is connected to the Bal-Trol with an air hose and a wire rope. The lifting equipment can either be mechanical, vacuum driven or both. The mechanical gripper grips the load by clamping or using a hook, and the vacuum gripper grips the load by using a vacuum cup. With a correct set up lifting system, you can lift with ease and access larger parts of your working area at the same time.

Benefits of using lifting equipment

•Lifting equipment makes lifting easy.
• It reduces wear and tear injuries by taking the weight off the user.
• It is ergonomic and improves the working environment.
• It is safe to use.
• Everyone can use it, no matter their physical strength, age or length. This means that the work is easier to divide between colleagues.
• It has the ability to hold the load steadily even while lifted, and thereby reduces the risk of harming people or goods.
• It is energy efficient. Our lifting tools run on compressed air (6-7 bar) instead of electricity.
• It is without ignition sources, making it safe even in explosive environments.
• It is almost completely silent, while electric hoists or telphers often are loud.

Different examples of lifting aids

There are as many examples of lifting aids as there are products to lift. Therefore, one of our areas of expertise is customizing lifting equipment according to our customer´s needs. Lifting tools can be utilized in nearly the whole supply chain. For example, the car industry uses our lifting aids to lift and mount heavy and bulky objects such as car windows, batteries and seats. The beverage industry utilizes lifting tools to lift barrels and containers, and to package bottles and cans into boxes. Distribution centers often use the Speedy Picker, a lifting tool for forklift trucks. The Speedy Picker picks up and transports packages across warehouses, before they are loaded into trucks and reach their final customer.

Besides customized grippers, we offer a wide range of standard lifting tools that can lift, tilt and rotate your products. Our standard lifting equipment consists of vacuum lifters, mechanical lifters, mobile order pickers, jib cranes and traverse systems. Let us know what it is you need to lift, and how you lift it, and we will guide you to the best lifting solution for your needs.

Ergonomic material handling in production lines

Most manufacturing industries can benefit from using lifting equipment in the production line. Minimizing the heavy manual lifting not only improves your working environment, it reduces sick leave and thereby saves time and money. Instead of back-breaking manual handling, you can use our lifting equipment to work more ergonomically and efficiently. Many industries use traditional lifting tables that require you to manually lift the products on and off. With our grippers and overhead rail systems you can carry your product between working stations with minimal physical effort. The lifting equipment is easy to maneuver, and quick operation simplifies the positioning of the goods.

There are many stations in the work line that can benefit from using lifting equipment. Increase the workflow by using our pallet grippers, instead of heavy pallet jacks that must be dragged by force. Lift raw materials or boxes, buckets and drums. Mount rolls into machines using an expandable gripper. Positioning the roll is easy because the gripper is adjustable in height. A simple push of a button is used for raising or lowering the load.

A place where a lot of manual handling takes place is the end of the production line. A seemingly endless supply of goods is transported in and out of factories and manufacturing industries. Our vacuum lifting equipment easily lifts boxes from conveyor to cart, or helps you pack products into boxes. When the goods are packed, you can utilize the tools to palletize boxes, rolls, drums or other products more efficiently, while protecting the health of the employees. Lifting equipment helps you pack, stack and load effortlessly– from the beginning to the end of the production line.

Lifting equipment for warehouses

The Speedy Picker is great for when you need lifting equipment at multiple locations at your warehouse or distribution center. It is a crane arm and a lifting tool mounted onto the forks of the forklift truck. Just grab the lifting tool and use it to carry eg boxes from shelf to pallet. When you have finished loading the truck, you can transport the boxes to any part of your workplace. Wherever you go, the Speedy Picker comes along. With Speedy Picker Add-On you can mount the equipment on any forklift truck, and easily demount it when you no longer need it.

Dynamic lifting equipment with traverse systems or cranes

The right suspension system will provide both stability and flexibility to your workplace. The suspension system that suits your lifting equipment the best depends on your workplace circumstances. For example; if you need to lift materials high or low, or in a smaller or larger area.

For more dynamic carrying within a restricted area, we recommend connecting your lifting equipment to a FlexiCrane. It is a flexible jib crane that can be mounted in the ceiling, on the floor or onto a pillar. If you need it at different stations around the workplace, we recommend the FlexiCrane Mobile; a jib crane mounted on a mobile plat form that you can move around your working area by using a pallet jack. Rigging has never been easier!

For both big and small areas, we recommend our overhead traverse systems. They are constructed in aluminum, making them both light weight and sturdy. Our overhead cranes have the capacity to bear 635 kilos and enable you to access your lifting equipment in large parts of your facilities. They are often customized to fit the workspace perfectly.

Easy lifting

No matter what goods you are handling or how you handle it, you can lift with ease by using our bespoke lifting solutions. Contact us today and find out what we can do to improve your material handling.