Gripper for shafts 89-12214

Gripper for shafts 89-12214

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 5 kg/ 11 lbs

Controls: balancing

Own weight: 6,7 kg/ 15 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12214

Serial no: A6906

This is our gripper for shafts. It is a mechanical gripper that helps you easily move a shaft or an axel from one point to another. This lifting solution grips the load by clamping its sides. The shafts are not very heavy but any monotonous lifting of weights up to 5 kg, when done repetitively throughout the day, becomes a hazard.

This gripper can lift shafts of different size. The maximum load for this lifting tool is 5 kg.

Gripper for shafts – how does it work?

Position the gripper so that it can grip around the curved sides of the shaft. The lower part of the gripper (the claws) can be rotated into the best, or most ergonomic, position for picking up a load. To do this, pull up the black bolt on the rotation plate that is above claws. Activate the claws to grip the load by pressing the green button. Then, move the shaft to the desired position, and press the red button to release it.

Specially adapted lifting solutions

This is a custom designed gripper that has been manufactured according to the customer’s wishes. We tailor the lifting tool so that it is optimal for the load you need to lift and the environment you work in. As with all our grippers, the maximum load limit, tilt, rotation and other functions can be added to suit your requirements. And, you get to choose the color! Our tools are usually painted red, but in this case, the customer wanted it painted yellow.