Electric Container Unloading System (e-CUS)

Electric Container Unloading System (e-CUS)

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 40 kg/ 88 lbs

Lifts/minute: 20 bags

Media : 230 V

Article no: 96-10091

Brochure: Baggage handling made easy

The e-CUS is Lifts All´s Electric Container Unloading System. It is used in airports to unload ULDs (containers) in a safe and ergonomic way.

How to use the e-CUS

The e-CUS can easily be positioned at the container’s opening by using the touch function on the handles. The conveyor belt is tilted up or down towards the opening by pressing two buttons on the sides of the e-CUS. The table is then activated by pressing “Start” and letting it roll. After that, luggage can be placed on the belt, which acts as a bridge between the container and the baggage conveyor belt.

When a baggage handler needs to pick up luggage a bit further away, they can easily do so without pressing any buttons. The e-CUS has been designed to allow the operator to move it laterally with their body during operation. This means the operator can work without interruptions.

Advantages of the e-CUS

  • It is lightweight, making it effortless to move around and work with.
  • It is very slim and compact, saving space in corridors both when in use and parked.
  • It is easy to maneuver with just a few buttons.
  • The design is simple yet robust to withstand repeated use.

Unload baggage in three seconds

With the e-CUS, baggage is unloaded from a container (ULD) in just three seconds. Therefore, manual lifting becomes unnecessary. Thanks to its intuitive design, learning how to use it is easy. The operator no longer needs to lift from uncomfortable positions or carry heavy luggage by hand between the container and the conveyor belt. The results are a more ergonomic work environment, with healthier staff, and employers that often experience a decrease in sick leave.

Customizable for all workplaces

Installing a baggage handling system is a relatively simple procedure. For example, it can be mounted on ceiling rails or directly on the floor. It is also possible to install the system next to a baggage carousel or a lateral system. The exact method of installation depends on the workplace and its conditions. Lifts All also adapts the system to the type of carts or containers used. The CUS is available in both a pneumatic and an electric version.