Electric Container Unloading System (e-CUS)

Electric Container Unloading System (e-CUS)

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 40 kg/ 88 lbs

Lifts/minute: 20 bags

Media : 230 V

Article no: 96-10091

Brochure: Baggage handling made easy

The e-CUS is Lifts All’s Electric Container Unloading System. It is used at airports to unload ULDs (containers) safely and ergonomically.

Using the e-CUS

Thanks to its intuitive design, learning how to use the e-CUS is easy.

The operator simply positions the e-CUS at the opening of a container by using the touch functions on the handles. The conveyor belt on the machine is controlled by the two buttons on the sides, one for tilting up and one for down. The e-CUS conveyor belt will start rolling when activated with the “Start” button. Luggage is then placed on the moving belt, which acts as a bridge between the container and the airport’s baggage conveyor belt.

Luggage may need to be spread out over the baggage conveyor belt and the operator may need to pick up bags from further away. For this purpose, the e-CUS has been designed to allow the operator to move it using only their body-weight – by pushing it around. There is no need to press any buttons to move the unit along the overhead rails. This means that the operator can work without interruptions.

Advantages of the e-CUS:

  • It is lightweight, making it effortless to move around and work with.
  • It is very slim and compact, saving space in corridors when in use and when parked.
  • It is easy to maneuver with just a few control buttons.
  • The design is simple yet robust, to withstand long-term and repeated use.

Unload Baggage in Three Seconds

With the e-CUS, a bag is unloaded from a container (ULD) in just three seconds, and manual lifting becomes obsolete. The operator no longer needs to lift baggage unergonomically or carry them between the container and the conveyor belt. The results are a more ergonomic work environment, with healthier staff who often experience a decrease in their sick-leave notices.

Customizable for All Workplaces

Installing a baggage handling system is a relatively simple procedure. For example, it can be mounted on ceiling rails or directly on the floor. It can also be installed next to a baggage carousel or a lateral system. The method of installation depends on the workplace and its conditions. Systems will be adapted to work with the type of carts or containers used in the workplace. Lifts All’s container unloading system is available in both pneumatic (CUS) and electric versions (e-CUS).

What is a Container Unloading System?

Lifts All’s Electric Container Unloading System (e-CUS) is designed to efficiently and safely help operators offload bags from shipping containers at airports, significantly reducing the strain of manual handling and improving the speed and efficiency of logistics operations. These systems are vital at airports, where the turnover rate of bags and cargo is especially high.

The e-CUS consists of an extendable conveyor belt that can be moved into the container for easy unloading of bags. Mounted into an over-head rail system that is installed along the lateral, the e-CUS has been designed to reach the innermost part the container, minimizing the need for manual handling even inside the container. The system is versatile and can be utilized for a wide range of baggage, e.g., hardcase bags, soft bags, trunks and more.

Different Types of Baggage Handling Solutions

Besides the e-CUS, Lifts All also offers several other baggage handling solutions. The ‘Basic’ vacuum gripper is perfect for loading and unloading trolleys at smaller airports. This versatile lifting solution grips and lifts by using vacuum suction cup or by a hook. If you need to load instead of unload containers, the e-CLS (electric Container Loading System) does the job. Other Lifts All lifting solutions include the SPEED-loader for effective baggage-carousel loading, and the e-CLS Launcher – for quick and precision container loading with a press of a button. All our solutions are customizable and made to fit the airport in mind.

How Does Container Unloading Work?

The process of unloading luggage from containers (ULDs) has been significantly streamlined with the introduction of Lifts All’s electric Container Unloading System (e-CUS) at airports worldwide. Baggage handlers find it both easy and instinctive to use. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how container unloading works using an e-CUS:

  1. Positioning the e-CUS

The first step in the unloading process involves positioning the e-CUS at the container’s opening. The e-CUS is equipped with an intuitive touch function located on the handles of the equipment, allowing for precise placement.

  1. Adjusting the Conveyor Belt

Once the e-CUS is correctly positioned, the next step is to adjust the conveyor belt so that it aligns perfectly with the container’s opening. The buttons located on the sides of the e-CUS control the tilting of the conveyor belt – either up or down. This adjustment ensures that the conveyor belt forms an efficient bridge between the container and the lateral.

  1. Activating the Conveyor Belt

With the conveyor belt properly aligned, the operator then activates it by pressing the “Start” button. This action sets the conveyor belt in motion, rolling smoothly to transport luggage from the container onto the baggage conveyor belt. The e-CUS takes both soft and hardcase bags. No more heavy manual labor! This seamless transferring of bags by the e-CUS significantly reduces manual handling, thereby streamlining the process of baggage handling at airports while keeping baggage handlers safe.

  1. Lateral Movement

An innovative feature of the e-CUS is that it can be moved laterally without the need for manual adjustments or controlling buttons. This means that when a baggage handler needs to unload luggage onto the lateral a bit away from the container, they can simply move the e-CUS using their body. This feature allows for continuous operation without interruptions, enabling the operator to efficiently manage the unloading process.

Benefits of Using Lifts All´s Electric Container Unloading System

Using a container unloading system has many advantages for an airport. It enhances efficiency, safety, and overall productivity. Here are some key benefits of using the e-CUS instead of lifting by hand:

Increased Efficiency and Speed

When lifting manually, the baggage handler often becomes more and more fatigued as the hours go by, resulting in slower handling by the end of their shift. By removing the element of strain and fatigue, an unloading system can significantly reduce the time it takes to unload bags from containers. This efficiency can lead to faster turnaround times, enabling airports to move bags more quickly from containers to carts or conveyors.

Enhanced Worker Safety

Manual unloading is physically demanding and poses a risk of personal injury from heavy lifting and repetitive motions. The e-CUS minimizes this risk. With its capacity to lift 40 kgs, it contributes to a safer workplace that reduces workers’ sick-leave and compensation claims.

Improved Accuracy and Reduced Damage

The e-CUS handles bags more consistently and gently than manual methods, reducing the likelihood of damage during unloading. This can reduce costs associated with damaged bags and promote customer satisfaction.

Optimized Space Utilization

Efficient unloading means containers can be cleared and moved out more quickly, optimizing space in the baggage area. After work, the e-CUS can be folded up and moved to the side, reducing unnecessary clutter in the workspace.

Better Ergonomics

Manual labor, such as lifting baggage by hand, can often result in wear-and-tear injuries. The ergonomic design of Lifts All’s container unloading system takes into account the wellbeing of the operator, with features designed to minimize strain and fatigue. Heavy loads are transported from container to conveyor or cart effortlessly, reducing the physical burden on the operator. This focus on ergonomics will improve workers’ wellbeing and productivity. The result will be happier and healthier staff who have more energy at the end of the day.


As international travel increases, airport logistics processes can bottleneck if solely reliant on manual baggage handling. Work needs to speed up, but it is imperative that operators are provided with the help they need. Lifts All’s container unloading systems can be complemented with loading systems, vacuum grippers or speed-loading systems to meet increasing demand and support sustainable business growth.


The adoption of container unloading systems offers significant benefits – from flexible, easy unloading and enhanced efficiency, to improvements in health and safety – making them a valuable investment for the aero industry. Lifts All’s range of ergonomic lifting solutions for loading and unloading baggage is currently utilized at many airports internationally, contributing to safe and streamlined baggage handling worldwide.

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