LAMG 45 Magnetic gripper

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 45 kg/ 99 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 9 kg/ 20 lbs

Safety factor: 3

Colour: red (RAL 3020)

Minimum dimension of curved materials: 40 mm/ 1,57"

Capacity for flat surfaces: 45 kg/ 99.2 lbs (S355 S≥ 12 mm/ 15/32")

Capacity for curved surfaces: 30 kg/ 66.14 lbs (ø≥ 120 mm/ 4 3/4")

Operational temperature: 0°C to+ 50°C

Media: pressurised air at 6 bar (recommended)

Article number: 92-10029

Brochure:  Lifting with magnets (pdf). 

Our magnetic gripper LAMG 45 is a compact and strong gripper for lifting metal up to 45 kg. The permanent magnet holds the load without damaging its’ surface, while having a steady and secure grip. Our magnet grippers run on compressed air; no electricity is required. This means that they remain magnetic even in case of a power outage. The magnetic grippers are maintenance free and quick, which results in a stable lifting tool with high production speed.

Suitable for different shapes and weights

The magnetic grippers are designed for flat and round objects and suit both steel and cast iron. They can lift solid as well as perforated materials and are therefore suitable for a variety of material handling. Loads of different sizes and weights are easily handled. The load can be rotated by simply adjusting four screws on the gripper.

We have the lifting system for you

Depending on the size and weight of the load, the magnetic gripper comes in three different models: LAMG 45, LAMG 90 and LAMG 135. In our repertoire is also metal sheet grippers, mechanical and vacuum grippers for the metal industry and a variety of other liftings aids for heavy lifting. If neither of these lifting tools suit your needs, we can also customize a gripper for you.