Carton and cardboard boxes

Box lifts for carton and cardboard boxes

We have many effective solutions for lifting cardboard boxes as well as all other sorts of boxes. Instead of lifting boxes manually, you can quickly and easily carry a box with a vacuum gripper or a mechanical gripper. When a forklift is too big and bulky to reach, our box lifts are made to lift and place boxes high up onto unreachable shelves. Our grippers are also used in distribution centers where boxes are packed and lifted onto and out of vehicles. 

For more information about our flexible carton and box grippers, see below. 

Lifting boxes safely

Many industries handle boxes manually daily. Manual handling may involve lifting, moving, carrying or dragging by hand. The boxes can for example be picked from conveyor belts, carts or shelves, loaded into cabinets, packed onto pallets or carts. Handling boxes manually is a straining job that can result in wear and tear injuries if done repeatedly. Heavy manual handling burdens the lumbar spine and the shoulders, especially when you work in an uncomfortable working position. It can also overload the knees and even strain the heart and lungs. However, there are some tricks that can help in making lifting safer.

  • Avoid manually handling boxes. Instead, use lifting tools that relieve the burden.
  • Lift with equipment that is adjustable in height, to better suit both tall and short people. Lifts All´s lifting equipment can easily be lowered or lifted to suit the person using them and their working environment.
  • Work with the over arms close to the body.
  • Keep the box close when lifting.
  • Bend your legs instead of your back when grabbing the box. Do not forget to do the same when you put the box back down again.

Lifting solutions for all types of boxes

Depending on the type of box that needs lifting, we can create a tool that is customized for both its´ weight, design and the material that it is made of, e.g.; plastic, cardboard, carton or metal. Among the boxes that we have lifted in the past are small cardboard boxes, large heavy boxes of furniture, electrical boxes, rotors, packages and mail parcels. We have lifted plastic boxes in the food industry, with grippers that are customized to clean rooms standards.

Boxes of different materials, for example cardboard boxes or plastic containers, need different lifting solutions. For example, a porous box may need specific vacuum cups with cell rubber that grips the box tightly. An airtight container made of eg plastic or metal can often be lifted with a mechanical gripper that grips the box by clamping, instead of using vacuum pressure. No matter how or what you lift, contact us to discuss how we can customize a lifting tool according to your specific gripping and lifting needs.

Material handling in different industries

Different industries handle boxes in different manners and therefore often need customized lifting tools. Our material lifting equipment is very flexible in that we can customize it for virtually any type of handling within any branch of industry. Whether you use the equipment for loading, lifting, carrying or moving boxes in the workplace, here are some examples of our solutions to promote safe lifting:

  • If you place the box onto a shelf, we recommend our Manhattan box grippers that easily lift the box, raise it over shoulder level, and allow you to place it into position on the right shelf.
  • If you work in a distribution center and load boxes onto a forklift truck and transport them from shelf to terminals, the Speedy Picker is an optimal choice. Speedy Picker is mounted on the forklift and goes with you wherever you go. Loading and unloading the truck has never been easier.
  • Our Basic gripper is a popular choice for lifting boxes in all industries. It is easy to handle and can be supplied with different attachments for lifting cargo of different sizes.
  • If you work in a clean room environment, we offer box grippers that are made of stainless steel (SS). The box grippers are easy to keep clean, in order to fulfill cleanroom standards.
  • If you handle e.g., furniture or other big parcels, we can customize a box gripper that stacks large boxes on top of each other.
  • If you empty boxes into other vessels, we can customize a gripper that you can use to rotate the boxes manually to a set or gradual degree.

Lifting boxes frequently in a secure way

Manually handling boxes in a high frequency can be very tiresome and may result in wear and tear injuries. Lifts All manufacture box grippers that keep the pace up, while also being safe. Our vacuum security systems make sure that the box cannot be lifted until it is securely fastened. While the box is in the air, it is kept in a firm grip. Our safety systems assures that if the vacuum pressure decreases, the equipment will slowly descend to the ground.

It is not only the weight of the box that may result in body injuries. Often, it is the frequency with which the lift is carried out that can be harmful. Lifting small boxes repeatedly can be very straining and may result in joint pain, tense shoulders, back ache and even permanent body damage. Lifts All construct safe lifting tools that are customized according to your boxes, no matter how big or small, so that you or your employees can make frequent lifts in a secure way.

Ergonomic box lifters

So, what features should you look for in an ergonomic box lifter? Number one is that it unburdens you from the weight of the load. This means that you don’t have to use any force to lift the box. The working position that you stand in while operating the box gripper is another important feature. The gripper should be within close reach or have a long handle that compensates for the distance between you and the tool. You should never have to bend your back or neck to use the gripper. The gripper should allow you to work with the hands and arms close to your body, while the gripper does the work at floor or shoulder level.

Other important features are the equipment’s handle and control panel. The handle should be suited for both big and small hands, and be appropriately placed regarding how the lifting tool is handled. Lifts All makes bespoke grippers with handles that are customized according to the distance to what you need to lift. Furthermore, the control panel should also be easy to understand and to use. Often, the grippers only have two or three buttons to lift, grab and lower the load without effort. Using lifting equipment that is customized for both the cargo, the handling and the user, promotes safety in the workplace.

Silent lifting equipment for moving boxes

Working in an ergonomically beneficial way also includes reducing loud sounds. Noise from machinery can harm hearing temporarily or permanently, be tiring, cause stress and may even increase the risks of accidents because of not hearing important sounds. Therefore, it is important to be mindful in choosing lifting equipment that is silent. Lifts All’s grippers run on compressed air and is therefore almost completely silent in comparison to for example, electric telphers. Therefore, moving boxes using lifting equipment is often a smart investment in your employee’s health.