Carton and cardboard boxes

Box lifts for carton and cardboard boxes

We have many efficient handling solutions for lifting cardboard boxes as well as all other sorts of boxes and crates. Instead of lifting boxes manually, you can quickly and easily carry a box with a gripper such as a vacuum lifter or a mechanical lifter. When a forklift is too big and bulky, our box lifts are made to fit into the space, and lift and place boxes high up onto unreachable shelves. Our lifting tools are also used in distribution centers where boxes are packed and lifted into and out of vehicles.

Here is an example of a box lifting tool that solves the problem of lifting tall packages into carts.

Box handling should be safe, efficient, and ergonomic. For more information about our flexible carton and box grippers, see below.

Lifting boxes safely

In many industries, lifting boxes manually is a daily task. Manual box handling involves lifting, moving, carrying or dragging boxes by hand. Boxes can, for example, be picked from conveyor belts, carts or shelves, and placed into cabinets, or onto pallets or carts. Handling boxes manually in a factory or warehouse is strenuous work, which can result in wear and tear injuries if done repetitively. Heavy manual handling puts pressure on the lumbar spine and the shoulders, especially when working in uncomfortable positions. It can also overload the knees and even strain the heart. However, there are some tricks that can help make lifting safer.

  • Avoid manually handling boxes. Instead, use a lifting tool, e.g., a box lift, to relieve the burden.
  • Lift with equipment that is height adjustable. Lifts All´s lifting equipment can easily be lowered or raised to suit the person using them and their working environment.
  • Work with your upper arms close to your body.
  • Keep the box close when lifting.
  • Bend your legs instead of your back when picking up a box. Do not forget to do the same when you put the box back down again.

Lifting solutions for all types of boxes

Based on the type of box that needs lifting, we can create a tool that is customized for the weight, design and the material (plastic, cardboard, carton or metal) of the box. In the past, we have helped our customers lift various types of boxes such as small cardboard boxes, large heavy furniture boxes, electrical boxes, rotors, packages, mail parcels, etc. We have also made plastic box grippers for the food industry, customized to cleanroom standards.
Boxes of different materials need different lifting solutions. For example, a porous box may need specific suction cups with cellular linings that grip tightly. An airtight container made of plastic or metal can often be lifted with a mechanical gripper that grips the box by clamping across the sides. No matter the material of the boxes you lift, or how you lift them, we can customize an ergonomic lifting tool for your specific gripping and lifting needs. Contact us to get things started on your new box gripper.

Material handling in different industries

Different industries handle boxes in different ways and therefore often need customized lifting tools. Our material lifting equipment is very flexible in that we can customize it for virtually any type of handling within any branch of industry. Whether you use the equipment for loading, lifting, carrying or moving boxes in the workplace, here are some examples of our solutions to promote safe and ergonomic lifting:

Manhattan box grippers

If you place your boxes onto a high shelf, we recommend our Manhattan box grippers that easily lift boxes, raising them over shoulder level, and allowing you to place them correctly on the right shelf.

Speedy Picker box lifter

If you work in a distribution center and load boxes onto a forklift truck (for example, for transportation from shelf to terminal), the Speedy Picker is an optimal choice. The Speedy Picker is mounted on the forklift truck and goes with you wherever you go. Loading and unloading a forklift truck has never been easier. You can easily keep up speed while promoting safety in the workplace. Perfect for ergonomic lifting of boxes in warehouses and industries!

Basic multi-lifter for boxes

Our Basic gripper is a popular choice for lifting boxes in all industries. It is easy to handle and comes with different lifting accessories for lifting many different types of loads. The Basic is a versatile gripper that can be used for lifting boxes as well as barrels and containers.

Box grippers for cleanrooms

If you work in a cleanroom environment, we offer stainless steel (SS) box grippers. These box grippers are extra easy to keep clean in order to fulfill industrial cleanroom standards.

Lifting tools for large boxes

If you handle e.g., furniture or other big parcels, we can customize a box gripper that will help you lift and move these with ease. You can even stack them on top of each other.

Box lifter with rotation or tilt function

If you empty boxes into other vessels, we can manufacture a gripper that allows you to tilt or rotate your boxes into a predesignated angle. A rotation or tilt function can also be useful if you need to stack boxes on pallets.

Box lifters for different materials

Carton boxes are often lifted best using vacuum suction cups, but many industries lift boxes made out of different materials. Wood, metal, plastic, or even strapped carton boxes need to be lifted differently. Using clamping mechanisms, vacuum suction cups or a combination of the two, our lifting tools manage to lift boxes of most materials.

Customized box lifters

Lifts All´s specialty is customized box lifters. Depending on the dimensions, size, weight and material of your box, you may need a specifically-designed box lifter. We would be happy to help design and manufacture a solution according to your specific needs.

Lifting boxes frequently in a secure way

Manually handling boxes at high frequency can be very tiring, and may result in wear and tear injuries. Lifts All manufactures box grippers that keep up with the pace while maintaining safety. Our vacuum security systems ensure that the box will not lift until it is securely fastened to the box lifter. When the box is in the air, the box lifter keeps it in a firm grip. Our safety systems also ensure that if the vacuum pressure decreases, the equipment will slowly descend to the ground. Keep up speed without compromising on safety!.

Safe lifting is not only about how heavy the item is that you’re lifting. Often, bodily injuries occur because of the frequency of lifting. Lifting small boxes repeatedly can be just as harmful as lifting a car with your bare hands. Overstraining may result in joint pain, tense shoulders, back ache, and even permanent physical damage. Lifts All offers ergonomic lifting tools that are designed and constructed according to your boxes, no matter how big or small, so that you or your employees can lift frequently in a safe way. An ergonomic box lifter will help the operator lift boxes faster while maintaining a good working position.

Ergonomic box lifters

So, what features should you look for in an ergonomic box lifter? Number one: it should unburden you from the weight of the load. This means that you don’t have to exert any force to lift the box. The working position that you stand in while operating the box lifter is another important feature. The gripper should be within close reach or have a long handle that compensates for the distance between you and the tool. You should never have to bend your back or neck to use the gripper. It should allow you to work with your arms close to your body, while the gripper does the work at floor or shoulder level.

Other important features are the handle and the control panel. The handle should be suited for both big and small hands and be appropriately placed with regards to how the lifting tool is used. Lifts All makes bespoke grippers with handles placed at the correct distance from the load and from the operator. Lastly, the control panel should also be easy to understand and use. Most of our grippers are controlled by only two or three buttons for lifting, grabbing and lowering the load. Operation is easy and effortless. Using lifting equipment that is customized for your cargo, your handling and your operator promotes safety in the workplace.

Silent lifting equipment for moving boxes

Industrial environments are often noisy. Working in an ergonomically-beneficial way also includes reducing noise levels. Load noises from machinery can harm hearing temporarily or permanently, be tiring, cause stress and may even increase the risks of accidents from not hearing important sounds. Therefore, it is important to bare this in mind when choosing lifting equipment. Lifts All’s grippers run on compressed air and are virtually silent in comparison to other lifting mechanisms, for example, the electric telphers. Hence, moving boxes using lifting equipment is not only a solution for lifting more effectively, but also a smart investment in the health and wellbeing of the operator.

Installing a box lift

There are different challenges when it comes to installing a lifting tool. Installation also depends on the capacity of the lifting tool – the heavier the load, the more robust the suspension system needs to be. Using the Bal-Trol pneumatic hoist, our grippers have the capacity of lifting up to 600 kg.

Our skilled designers are experts at coming up with solutions for the most challenging work conditions. Our box lifting tools can be installed in traverse systems, on jib cranes or articulated jib cranes depending on the layout of the facility. Industrial environments, factories and warehouses can often benefit from using an overhead rail system. If the working area is limited, or if the items for lifting are not too bulky, opting for a crane is often a good choice. Installation of cranes is both quick and easy.