FlexiCrane: 65 kg, 3 m

Articulated jib crane FlexiCrane: 65 kg, 3 m

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 65 kg/ 143 lbs

Length: 3 meter/ 9′10"

Rotation: 210 degrees

Weight: 58 kg/ 128 lbs

Article no : 95-10289

Sold seperately: pillar 160 mm/6.29", Bal-Trol and gripper

FlexiCrane 3 meter is a longer version of our classic two meter Flexicrane. The extended length allows it to lift in a larger radius. Because the FlexiCrane 3 meter is connected to the side of the pillar it has a 210 degree rotation, whereas the FlexiCrane 2 meter (that is connected to the top of the pillar) has infinite rotation. FlexiCrane 3 meter is also a bit heavier and more robust than the 2 meter Flexicrane.

Agile articulated jib crane

Just like our classic two meter crane, the FlexiCrane 3 meter is a flexible articulated jib crane, that can be complemented with the compressed air cylinder Bal-Trol and a lifting tool to make up a complete lifting system. Just contact our skilled sales engineers and they will make a suggestion according to your facilities and what you need to lift.

Articulated jib crane with different mountings

The FlexiCrane 3 meter is best suited for permanent installation, for example on a pillar or wall. The crane suits all of our standard pillars.