e-CLS Launcher

e-CLS Launcher

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General Data

Load speed: 10 bags/minute

Lifting height: 1970 mm/ 6′ 5,56"

Lifting capacity: 50 kg/ 110 lbs

Vertical speed: 0.4 m/s

Media: 230V/ 850 W

Article no: 96-10079

Brochure: Baggage handling made easy

The e-CLS Launcher is an electric container loading system with a trick up its sleeve. Just push the ergonomically placed buttons and the e-CLS Launcher will unload the baggage off the telescopic table for you. Quick and easy, with minimum effort, baggage up to 50 kg can now be moved and precisionplaced into a container in no time.

Keep up the pace and avoid lifting

Time is of the essence for baggage handlers. They often work under tight schedules and need to work fast when loading and unloading containers so that passengers can get their bags on time. The e-CLS Launcher helps baggage handlers keep a steady pace and avoid heavy lifting. Instead of loading the container manually, putting strain on their bodies, the Launcher pushes the bag into the container for them. With the push of two buttons, the bags are stacked neatly and the risk of strain injury is drastically reduced.

Easy maneuvering

The e-CLS Launcher is activated by pressing the two yellow buttons under the handle at the same time. This two-hand grip maneuver is also a safety feature. The table will immediately stop if either of the buttons are released. If only one button is pressed in, the table then becomes rotatable. To top it off, the ergonomically-placed handles on the table also provide stability. The e-CLS Launcher can be used on both soft and hard-case bags. The height of the operating table is easily adjustable to suit both high and low laterals and can be adjusted with the buttons found on each side of the table.

Safety functions

An emergency stop button is placed on the pillar. When the stop button is pushed, all other functions cease immediately. When the e-CLS Launcher is not in use, it can be parked higher up. Simply raise it with the jog button located on the side of the pillar.

Made for the e-CLS

The Launcher is a unique gadget made especially for the e-CLS. The e-CLS Launcher is a Container Loading System complete with the Launcher gadget built into it. Installation of the e-CLS Launcher is easy. Depending on the designated work area and your company preferences, the e-CLS Launcher can be mounted on rails placed either overhead or on the floor. The e-CLS Launcher can also be customized to suit different carts and containers.

e-cls launcher

The Launcher pushes the bag into a container at the push of a button.

With minimum effort, baggage up to 50 kg can now be moved and precision-placed into a container in no time.