Stone and plaster products

I need to lift stone and plaster products

Lifting stone and plaster products can be heavy and complicated, which is why we have developed a customisable gripper for these items. We have produced grippers to lift plaster boards, stone blocks and cement blocks, and have improve the working environments in many companies. Our grippers allow the user to lift stone and plaster products ergonomically, while increasing their work momentum for a faster, more effective work flow. These grippers have proven useful in moving stone blocks onto or from pallets, which can now be carried out by anyone regardless of physical strength. Tilers who work with setting stone tiles, and workers who need to inspecting a stone or plaster product before it is placed down, they all benefit from our grippers. The job is always easier to do this when you don’t have to do the lifting yourself!

Here is one of our most popular grippers for lifting stone and plaster products.