Gas cylinder gripper 89-12099

Gas cylinder gripper 89-12099

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 27 kg/ 59 lbs

Control system: balancing

Weight: 10,5 kg/ 23 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12099

Serial no: A6660

Brochure: Lifting gas cylinders (pdf).

Our gas cylinder gripper is designed to lift different types of cylinders. It can also lift other types of gas containers such as gas bottles, helium tubes or argon tubes. You can lift them from pallet to pallet, in and out of trucks, or even stack them on top of each other. The gripper can carry up to 27 kg. This particular lifting tools is mounted onto a FlexiCrane with endless rotation, making it easy for the operator to move around with the load. These gas cylinders weigh 25 kg and are too heavy for repetitive manual lifting. The gas cylinder gripper makes work easier for the operator and eliminates the risk of back and neck injuries.

Gripper for gas cylinders – how does it work?

The operator angles the gripper’s hooks onto the handle of the gas cylinder. There is a center of gravity bar on top of the machine that balances the machine as the operator lifts the cylinder. This ensures a safe and smooth lift, without any wobbling during the lift. The gripper comes with a stabilizer that holds the gas cylinder during the lift and helps the operator to steer the load. The stabilizer can also be adjusted to lift cylinders of different sizes. To disengage the gripper, simply place the gas cylinder on firm ground and press one of the ‘release’ button. This lifting tool has two handles to accommodate both right and left-handed operators.

Gripper for gas containers – customized for your needs

This gripper can also be customized to lift other types of products, loads of different sizes or weights. At Lifts All, we customize our grippers to suit our customers’ products. We design lifting tools that make your material handling as optimal as possible.