Tires and wheels

Tire lift

Modern wheel assemblies should lift effectively and ergonomically. Using a tire gripper makes it easy to lift tires. Lifts All offers several types of lifting tools that enable you to effortlessly remove wheels, move them to the desired position and mount or stack them.

Manual tire changing is strenuous

Manually removing and replacing a tire is physically demanding, as heavy lifting puts a strain on your arms, neck and shoulders. It is estimated that a tire-changing mechanic may lift up to four tons per day during the tire-changing season in the spring and fall. The work is usually manual and these mechanics need to bend down several times to lift, roll and mount the tires. This is a classic ergonomics problem, one which in the long term can lead to wear-and-tear injuries.

Reduced risk of wear and tear injuries

Using a tire-lifting tool is a great way to reduce the risk of work-related injuries and incidents. Powered by a pneumatic cylinder, the tool grips the tire securely before taking on its weight and making it completely weightless. Lifting capacity has been calibrated in the cylinder to lift the load. This means that instead of lifting heavy tires and wheels manually, the mechanic can use the leverage created by the tool. Raise the tire up, adjust its position and mount it without strenuous lifting – a job that requires both time and effort is now quick and easy.

Effective work with tire grippers

A wheel assembly line can be brought to a halt if the mechanic is under physical strain. Introducing a tire gripper here will completely change workplace conditions. No more difficult rolling or lifting of tires and wheels. With one of Lifts All´s tire grippers, wheel removals and mountings are done swiftly and precisely. A tire gripper is easy to maneuver and ideal for any garage or tire changing company. Investing in a tire lift will eliminate the risks that arise with manual lifting. It also increases productivity as, when using the tool wheel assemblies can be performed single-handedly, without physically tiring out the mechanic, and it also frees up personnel for other work. A job for two is now a job for one!

How to use a tire lift

The tool is easy to maneuver. It is controlled with a Pro Speed-Handle, a two-lever control system that enables you to lift and lower the tire at the speed you feel comfortable with. Pro Speed-Handle is short for ‘Proportional Speed Control’. This means that the levers control the gripper’s ascending and descending speeds depending on how hard you press them. Precision work becomes easy with a Pro Speed-Handle. Gripping and releasing is controlled by the green and red buttons. It’s so simple to control, anyone can use it, and the job is done quickly and effortlessly.

Tire grippers for different industries

Lifts All has a range of different tire lifts. Depending on where the tire needs to go and the load capacity required, we have grippers that not only lift, but also enable you to rotate and tilt the wheel before unloading it either horizontally or vertically. This tool is often utilized in the tire hotel industry, where wheels need to be picked up, washed and sometimes stacked, before being put into storage.

We also offer tire lifting tools that hold the wheel in position for mounting onto a vehicle. These grippers are designed for accuracy in tire mounting. There are handles for you to be able to manually adjust and align the tire to fit onto the bolt holes on the vehicle. Repeated lifting becomes easier and safer with a lifting tool at hand.

Reasons to use a lifting tool for tires

  • Lifting tires is made easier
  • Reduce wear-and-tear injuries in the workplace
  • The job gets done faster with reduced manual handling
  • A job for two is now a job for one