Gear wheel gripper 89-12296

Gear wheel gripper 89-12296

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 5,5 kg/ 12 lbs

Controls: balancing

Weight: 11 kg/ 24 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12296

Serial no: A7072

Lifts All´s gear wheel gripper is used in the automotive industry for streamlined and safe lifting. The lifting tool can also be used for lifting planet wheels, cogwheels or satellite wheels.

Gear wheel gripper for car components

In the automotive industry safety is of the utmost importance during the whole production process. Each component must be treated gently to not become damaged. By using the gearwheel gripper the gear wheels are protected during the whole manufacturing and mounting process. Instead of lifting by hand and risking dropping or scratching the wheels, the lifting tool allows them to be lifted in a safe and smooth way.

The areas of applications are extensive. The gripper can for example pick and pack, place the gear wheels from pallet to table, or mount them. The handling is easy, and the components remain intact.

Easy handling

The gear wheel gripper has a balancing control unit, which simplicity makes it extremely easy to use. It automatically grips the wheels, the only thing the operator needs to do is to push a button to release them. The gripper lifts four wheels at the same time, streamlining the work. The wheels are weightless when lifted, which makes it extremely easy to place them onto pallets or carts, or mounting them on pistons or capsules. Compared to lifting heavy wheels by hand, the job becomes quick, safe and ergonomic with the help of the lifting tool.

Lifting tools for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is one of Lifts All´s biggest markets. Besides the gear wheel gripper, we have also created customized solutions for e.g. car doors, gear boxers and seats. Most of our lifting tools are customized according to our customers products and handling. Se a selection of our lifting tool for car components here.