Wheel gripper 75 kg

Lift tires and wheels

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 75 kg/ 165.35 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 35 kg/ 77.16 lbs

Outer diameter of the tyre: 600-840 mm/ 1′ 11"- 2′ 9,07"

Rotation capacity: +/- 45°

Tilting capacity: 90°

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article number: 92-10019

Brochure:  Lifting car wheels and tires (pdf). 

Our wheel gripper lifts the wheel while you mount it

Lifts All’s wheel gripper is a safe and quick lifting tool. Instead of lifting tires and wheels manually while risking wear and tear injury, a tire can be mounted in only ten seconds!

The operator is always close to the wheel, enabling easy access when mounting it onto the axle. The operator also decides how fast he or she wants to lift, by using a Pro Speed Handle control. The wheel can be rotated and tilted to fit the bolt holes perfectly. The position can also be fine-tuned with the hands directly on the wheel, without using the control unit. The lifting tool’s grip fingers are easily adjusted to fit wheels and tires of different sizes, between 600-840 mm and up to 75 kg. The adjustment is done in a wink by the operator. No tools are needed.

Lifting aids are ergonomically beneficial

Manual handling is often uncomfortable and can be strenuous to the neck, back, shoulders and arms- Lifts All’s wheel gripper is the perfect alternative. The ergonomic design immediately improves the productivity and shortly the operator notices an improved personal health. The employer sees a rapid decline in absence due to sore backs and shoulders