Self-test for safer lifting at work

Self-test — are you at risk for lifting-related injuries?

Good working conditions are very important for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. It’s no secret that heavy lifting on a daily basis can cause serious injuries and can also lead to an increase in sick-leave at a workplace. Find out if you are at risk for lifting-related injuries by taking this self-test for safer lifting at work.

In the test you will be asked to describe an average workday – how heavy are the loads you carry, how often do you move heavy loads and what your working environment is like in general. The self-test is to be filled in by those who do the work of manual lifting. At the end of the test, you will be provided with a good overview of your current working conditions and information on how it can be improved. Wear and tear injuries not only lead to physical pain for the afflicted. It also decreases income, lowers overall job satisfaction and increases cost for the company.

The self-test for safer lifting at work will give you an instant result about the risks that you face from manual lifting at your workplace.

Manual lifting at work