Weightless lifting with Bal-Trol – a pneumatic hoist

All our lifting tools work with a Bal-Trol. The Bal-Trol is a unique single-acting pneumatic lifting cylinder that can lift up to 600 kg – like a pneumatic hoist! The Bal-Trol comes in three models – Mini, Compact and Full-Scale, all of which are available in both horizontal and vertical versions. The choice of horizontal or vertical Bal-Trol depends on the ceiling height of your work station. Bal-Trol is a globally registered trademark and has been ATEX-tested as having no inherent ignition sources. This means that the Bal-Trol is safe for use in explosive environments and therefore is not CE-marked under the ATEX 2014/34/EU directive.

Light and flexible pneumatic hoist

The Bal-Trol is made of aluminium, which makes it light and easy to move around on rails or on a jib crane. The user can adjust the ascending and descending speeds easily. The Bal-Trol’s standard lifting height is 1.5 m, but this can be customised up to a length of 8 metres.

More than just a hoist

In comparison with traditional hoists, the load on a Bal-Trol can be moved about freely at the raised level (+/-10 cm at least, with proportional control). You don’t need to have ‘bull’s eye’ accuracy with the controls to place the load down with precision – e.g. when mounting a tire onto an axis – you can just use your hands to direct the load into the precise location.

Click on the links below to read more about the different Bal-Trol models available, and how the control units work.