Manhattan Cabinet Gripper 89-12105

Manhattan Cabinet Gripper 89-12105

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 150 kg/ 331 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 148 kg/ 309 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12105

Serial no: A6741

This is our Manhattan Cabinet Gripper – made for lifting cabinets and cabinet frames. This lifting tool lifts cabinets to and from pallets or conveyer belts. It is a mechanical gripper with a fork. The prongs on the fork are also adjustable widthwise. This makes it possible to lift cabinets of different sizes. Another customized feature of this lifting tool is that the pongs are padded. Padded pongs prevents any damage on the load. You can lift both painted and unpainted cabinets safely. In order to lift the cabinets higher than what is possible to do manually, the fork is installed on a Manhattan – a tall gripper that enables loads to be raised and placed at, or picked up from, the very top of warehouse shelving. Its maximum lifting capacity is 150 kg.

Manhattan Cabinet Gripper – how does it work?

Manhattan cabinet gripper is a mechanical lifting tool with a fork. The distance between the two prongs is adjustable (manually by the operator) to fit the size of the cabinet that needs lifting. This lifting tool also has a center of gravity bar that ensures that the lift takes place smoothly, without any wobbling. The only thing the operator needs to do is to move the gripper to, or pick up the cabinet from, either a pallet, a conveyer belt or just off the ground. Once you positioned it securely in the desired place, the gripper disengages when you push the ‘release’ button. This makes the fork retract out of the cabinet.

We customize the gripper to fit your needs

As with all our grippers, we customize the Manhattan Gripper for your needs. We design the gripper to lift your products. If your products differ in size, material or weight we will make sure the Manhattan Gripper you purchase is optimal for your use.