Lifting tool for boxes 89-12338

Lifting tool for boxes 89-12338

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 12 kg/ 26 lbs

Control: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 9 kg/ 20 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12338

Serial no: A7153

This lifting tool for boxes is customized for lifting tall boxes high up. The lifting tool grips the side of the box using vacuum cups. The operator can then release the tool and instead use the extended control unit to move the load up and down. Since the operator doesn’t need to hold onto the lifting tool, it’s possible to move the box even when it is out of reach. This is especially useful when large packages need to be moved in and out of carts.

Lifting Packages High Up

Many industries have the need to lift packages from high carts, shelves, or out of large boxes. However, balancing on a ladder or pallet with a large package can be very difficult. With a lifting tool, one person can handle the job that used to require two. The tool is equipped with a comfortable rubberized handle and two buttons – one for gripping the package and one for releasing it. Using a suspended control, the package is smoothly lifted up and down. The control is very easy to learn, as it only has two buttons – one for up and one for down.

Advantages of a Box Gripper

There are several advantages to using a box lift instead of lifting by hand.

  • The lift is weightless. This means that the operator saves their back and arms and feels more energetic at the end of the day.
  • Since the body is not strained, the risk of wear and tear injuries decreases significantly.
  • The tool lifts packages quickly and smoothly. This means that the job can be done more efficiently.