Lifting Batteries

Lifts All has produced several different types of tools for lifting batteries of various kinds. In order for the lifting tool to be optimal for exactly what you are going to lift and the environment you work in, we tailor the lifting tool to your needs. Our lifting solutions are safe and improve the working environment because operators avoid heavy lifting that damages the back, shoulders or neck.

Below you see a selection of different battery lifts we have produced, such as lifts for car and bus batteries.


Battery Grippers for safe battery handling

Our lifting solutions for batteries optimize the workflow and increase the ergonomics for the operator in situations where batteries are to be lifted. With a lifting tool for batteries, you can easily move the batteries in a safe, smooth and time-efficient way. Instead of needing several people to help, the operator can now perform the lift on his own.

Batteries weigh between 7-15 kg. It is a physical strain to lift them manually, several times a day. This lifting solution for batteries leads to fewer, or no, repetitive lifting that can lead to wear and tear on your body.

Depending on how you wish to handle your batteries, we custom design a solution based on your needs and the environment you work in. Maximum load, tilt, rotation and how you want to lift the load – we design to your wishes. We have manufactured thousands of unique lifting solutions and lifting aids for many different industries. Read more about our various lifting tools for the battery industry here.