Beer keg gripper 89-12276

Keg lifter for beer - 89-12276

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 65 kg

Control: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 12,1 kg

Media: 6-7 bar

Article no: 89-12276

Serial no: A7016

Our beer keg lifter grips under the keg´s handles and lifts it, quickly and without effort. Many breweries lift hundreds of kegs each day. Often, the lift is preformed manually, resulting in a physically demanding situation for the person that is lifting. Our keg lifter is powered by the compressed-air cylinder the Bal-Trol, that makes the load essentially weightless. It can lift kegs of different weights up to 65 kilos. This enables everyone in the workforce to lift and transport heavy kegs.

Customized beer keg lifter

Lifts All´s lifting tools are always customizable according to the customer´s needs. The beer keg lifter can be tailored to suit both kegs and tubes with handles, in the picture it is eg lifting a gas tank. It is also possible to adapt the tool according to different sizes and weights. In that sense, it is a versatile lifting tool that can be used within many different industries.

 Innovative design features

  • The keg lifter is designed to be small and smooth to work with. Hence, it does not take up unnecessary workspace.
  • It is equipped with a very simple control, consisting of four buttons for grip/let go and lift/lower. Learning how to operate it is done in no time!
  • The handles of the beer keg gripper are ergonomically placed to give optimal control and comfort in every lift.
  • The green light indicates that the lifting tool has a correct grip, when it is not lit the load cannot be lifted.
  • As all of Lifts All’s lifting tools the beer keg gripper fulfills the EU´s health, environmental and safety directives for CE-marking.