FlexiCrane Mobile: 65 kg, 2 meters

Mobile articulated jib crane for loads up to 65 kg –
FlexiCrane Mobile

General Data

Maximum capacity: 65 kg/ 143 lbs

Reach: 2 m/ 6' 7" (360 degrees)

Rotation: unlimited

Weight: 450 kg/ 992 lbs excl. gripper

Height: Customizable

Size of pillar base: 149 cm/ 5'

Color: red (RAL 3020)

Sold seperately: Pillar, Bal-Trol and gripper

Brochure: Lifting with FlexiCrane (pdf).

If you need to use a crane in different parts of your work station, our FlexiCrane Mobile is what you are looking for. It is a light-weight and easy-to-use crane that can be moved around with a forklift. Combined with our different customised grippers, this crane will become an essential part of your workstation and relieve the work of frequent lifting.

Installing a jib in a jiffy!

The FlexiCrane Mobile is as easy-to-use, efficient and silent as the original FlexiCrane but it comes with a mobile platform instead of a floor-mounted pillar. And, of course, it’s just as stable and secure. To install the FlexiCrane Mobile:

  1. Insert the forks of the forklift into the mobile platform and lift the crane.
  2. Drive to desired position and place down on the floor.
  3. Connect compressed air.

Done! FlexiCrane Mobile is now ready to lift whatever you want up to 65 kg.

An accommodating jib crane

The FlexiCrane Mobile’s portability opens up opportunities for the entire workplace. The crane’s height can be easily adjusted to lift in low as well as high-ceiling areas. Thinking about combining it with a sack gripper or a customised gripper for lifting gear boxes? Our grippers are tailor-made to optimise your material handling. The couplings of our grippers are almost always the same, so switching from one gripper to another is fast and can easily be done by one person.